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Last year
500 pilot 'baby bundles' to be delivered to new parents this week
Varadkar 'reluctant' to make changes after review of state's abortion laws seeks end to three-day wait
All time
Ireland's first mother and baby mental health unit due to be developed by late 2024
Campaigners to raise gaps in partners' access at maternity hospitals in meeting with HSE
HSE guidelines allow for huge easing of restrictions on partners accessing maternity wards
Restrictions on maternity services exacerbate mental health difficulties, experts warn
NMH able to ease maternity restrictions as 'huge amount of development' done in recent years
HSE chief says roadmap to easing maternity hospital restrictions 'would be valuable'
Experts have 'concerns' about Rotunda trial involving induction of healthy first-time mothers
The trial aims to assess two different methods of induction for healthy first-time mothers at 39 weeks pregnant.
Concerns have been raised about the way in which information on the trial is being presented to pregnant people.
The trial began in November 2020 and 86 women have so far taken part, Orla Dwyer reports.
'I didn't want to do this alone': Your stories about pandemic maternity restrictions
Have you been impacted by pandemic maternity restrictions? We want to hear your story
'Nothing has changed': Continued calls for easing of maternity partner restrictions
'I'm frustrated with the lack of progress': Donnelly says 19 maternity units are being contacted about restrictions
Fianna Fáil senator says Donnelly needs to provide clarity on maternity restrictions as protest takes place
I found out I was having a miscarriage this week. My husband wasn't allowed into the hospital.
HSE says 'conditions are right' for restrictions on partners in maternity hospitals to be lifted
Coombe Hospital report finds consultant took vaccine home and administered it to two family members
In January, 16 leftover Covid-19 vaccine doses were administered to family members of some Coombe staff.
Two of these doses were brought home by a consultant and delivered to family.
A review of the vaccine programme was carried out and the Board of the Coombe said it "accepts that mistakes were made".
Further restrictions in maternity hospitals as some decide to reverse decision allowing partners into 20-week scan
'Another case of it's only women so who bloody cares': Hundreds complain to minister about maternity restrictions
Opinion: If there’s a will, there’s a way: provision of maternity leave for TDs is not insurmountable
Rally held to call for an end to Covid-19 restriction that stops women's partners attending births
Opinion: 'I felt forgotten by NPHET and Government as I miscarried alone in hospital'
'We are firefighting': Consultants warn newborns may be at risk due to Covid pressure on hospitals
Twenty women say they were not allowed return to work at end of their maternity leave last year
Two sets of triplets born in 24 hours in Co Down hospital
'In one day I might care for a very ill woman and help resuscitate a baby - and there's no respect'
People are ripping the piss out of these Boohoo 'maternity' models
Simon Harris pays tribute to Rhona Mahony, who made history as first female Master of Holles Street
New Zealand prime minister gives birth to a baby girl
'There needs to be a minimum standard on pitch facilities for an international game'
Hospital argues that inquiry into death of pregnant woman could cause 'serious risk to patients'
The average age for a mother to give birth in Ireland is 32.5 years old
Behaviour of staff top reason for complaints about maternity services at Portlaoise
HSE to ask women working in the health sector how they balance maternity with work
HSE review of maternity complaints finds patients not treated with dignity or respect
Harris asks for a month to consider all options for ownership of maternity hospital
Religion and health care: What role does the Catholic Church play in Irish hospitals?
Bishop says new maternity hospital should obey rules of Catholic Church
Accused of being 'hapless, helpless and hopeless', Harris wants 'cool heads' on maternity hospital