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This week
25th February 2024 - 1st March 2024
UN says Israel 'systematically' blocking Gaza aid access
Israeli military proposes 'plan for evacuating' Gaza civilians ahead of feared Rafah invasion
Last week
18th February 2024 - 24th February 2024
Israeli tank hits NGO shelter in Khan Younis as overnight bombardment destroys mosque in Rafah
Hunger in Gaza: 'We made bread using livestock fodder but now we've run out'
Palestinians were using livestock fodder to bake bread but they have now run out of that resource.
Malnourished new mothers are trying to figure out how to feed their infants in Gaza where formula has run out.
Families tell The Journal's reporter on the ground that they haven't eaten bread in three months.
Dima Jalal Saud reports from Rafah.
WHO chief says south Gaza's largest hospital no longer functioning after Israeli siege and raid
Last month
February 2024
Shifting sands: The people of the West Bank are stuck in hellish game they never agreed to play
US urges Israel not to carry out Rafah attack in Gaza without plan to keep civilians safe
As global outcry over Gaza grows, a Tel Aviv politics expert tells us what Israelis think
Here’s what polling says about Israelis’ view of the military action in Gaza, its humanitarian cost and Netanyahu.
Thousands told to evacuate largest hospital in south Gaza as 9 dead after Israel strikes Lebanon
'Where is the escape?' - Reporting from Rafah amid escalating fears of an Israeli invasion
A reporter writing for The Journal describes how many displaced families now find themselves with few options left.
Varadkar says he is abused on the street about Gaza, as Tánaiste says sanctions not ruled out
Varadkar said Israel has become “blinded by rage” and is not even listening to the advice of its close ally the United States anymore.
Taoiseach says he has been "shouted at and abused" by the public over the government's response to Gaza
Tánaiste says Ireland could impose travel ban on West Bank settlers even if EU does not make collective decision
UNRWA chief will meet with Micheál Martin in Dublin this week
Tom Clonan: Israel has pursued the relentless massacre of innocent Palestinians in Gaza
UN describes prospect of Israeli ground invasion of Rafah in southern Gaza as 'terrifying'
Tánaiste Micheál Martin said he is in “no doubt” that the continued bombing of Rafah will ‘constitute a war crime’.
Israeli Ambassador to Ireland Dana Erlich has said the military operation in Rafah is "necessary" to continue the release of hostages and "eliminate" Hamas.
EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell has today urged allies of Israel to stop sending it weapons as "too many people" are being killed in Gaza.
Israel kills 'around 100' people in strikes on Rafah while recovering two hostages
About 1.4 million Palestinians have crowded into Rafah, with many living in tents, while food, water and medicine are becoming scarce.
Tánaiste condemns order given to Israeli troops to 'prepare to operate' in Rafah
Netanyahu orders plans for evacuation of Rafah as aid agencies warn escalation will be 'catastrophic'
Rafah is the last major town in the Gaza Strip Israeli ground troops have yet to enter.
US warns Israel of 'disaster' if it sends troops into Gaza's Rafah city
Benjamin Netanyahu said he had ordered troops to “prepare to operate” in Rafah, the last major urban area ground troops have yet to enter.
Israel hits southern city of Rafah crowded with hundreds of thousands of refugees
This year
MSF says healthcare system in Gaza has 'virtually collapsed' as death toll hits more than 23,700
Last year
UN postpones vote on calls for ceasefire in Gaza for second time
The members will reconvene to vote on Wednesday.
More Irish citizens set to leave Gaza via the Rafah Crossing today
From living in 'darkness and fear' to safety: Irish family on their relief in leaving Gaza
Varadkar doesn't regret Israel 'revenge' remark amid attempts to get Irish citizens out of Gaza
Tánaiste seeking 35 Irish citizens in Gaza to be evacuated via Egypt 'as early as possible'
All time
Egypt opens its borders to Gaza for Ramadan to help 'ease suffering'
Gaza conflict: Clinton to travel to Israel and Egypt for peace talks
Israel: Death of Rachel Corrie an 'accident'
Minister questions need for Gaza flotilla
Egypt to open Gaza border crossing permanently from this weekend