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January 2024
'It's a real inequality': Educators call for teaching-through-Irish allowance to be reintroduced
The allowance was suspended in 2012 for any newly qualified teachers.
Last year
Substitute teacher: 'I lived abroad and came home, but teaching in Ireland has been a disaster'
Primary schools call for more funding as OECD report finds Ireland lagging behind neighbours
Almost 10% of respondents to post-primary survey say they experienced unwanted sexual attention by a teacher
TUI calls for two-year master's in education to be halved to tackle staffing crisis
Eoghan Cleary: My teenage students understand the difference between gender and sex
Over 600 extra teaching course places to be added over the next two years
All time
'It will drive people away': Student teachers on the potential threat to career breaks
Poll: Should career breaks for teachers be suspended in response to staff shortages?
Cathal Crowe: We need substitute teachers, so why not use teaching students to fill the gap?
Teachers not at increased risk of admission to hospital with Covid, study finds
Union reissues call for unvaccinated pregnant teachers to be allowed work from home
Anonymous Teacher: 'Instead of cheers and claps, we are getting sneers from the public'
Considering homeschooling this September? Here's everything you need to know about the practical steps to take
Teacher takes High Court action over refusal to be recognised by the Teaching Council
Teaching during the Covid-19 crisis: Four weeks in, the novelty has given way to inertia for some students
'Absolutely unacceptable': Teachers unsure of when they'll be paid after starting new jobs
Opinion: Focus on bureaucracy sells students with special education needs short
Minister orders full review of sex education in schools
Career breaks: 'We shouldn't be stopping young teachers from going and exploring the world'
CAO points to drop as demand dips but teaching is still one of the most popular courses in Ireland
Dáil to be told there's a 'real crisis' with physics and Irish teacher numbers
First 'fitness to teach' hearing due to take place next week
Galway teacher fights to stop transfer to another school and says she was 'humiliated'
Teachers' pay: 'Less interest will mean lower CAO points and new teachers of lower standards'
This Irish girl had a great red chair story about being a primary teacher on Graham Norton
'My daughter has special needs too': How should we educate gifted children in Ireland?
Meet the businesses luring Irish teachers to classrooms around the globe
What Is Your Irish Teacher Name?
Over 2,500 new teaching jobs are to be created
Warnings of 'major disruption' to schools as teachers vote to stop working 33 extra hours
Unequal pay is driving graduates away from teaching, says union
Kids, you're going to school: Teachers call off strike
Poll: Do teachers make enough money?
'I'm a teacher and while the school system isn't deliberately out to destroy people, it is broken'
There's a secret reason why Solitaire was included with Windows 25 years ago
This site wants to try identify any image you show it
City kids are worse at reading (and their maths skills don't quite add up either)
This jazz cat is helping Irish kids learn about music (seriously)
Opinion: Can we really trust that Junior Cycle reform isn't linked to the austerity agenda?