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Dublin: 5 °C Saturday 25 April, 2015

Living - Today’s News

Fancy growing your own food? Check out these tips (and irresistible recipe)

It’s time to put food-growing back at the centre of Irish communities.

The disastrous WWI Gallipoli campaign, and the brutality of war

Today marks exactly 100 years since the beginning of one of the most disastrous moments in World War I.

Living - Yesterday’s News

From Business ETC How does Facebook decide what to show on your newsfeed? Deciding Factors

How does Facebook decide what to show on your newsfeed?

Filtering through 1,500 stories a day isn’t simple.

The 6 types of people you’ll meet at your school reunion ( …which one are you?)

As I prepare for the surreal experience of my 20 year school reunion, I can’t help but wonder what surprises will meet me…

People without medical cards are avoiding doctors like the plague

Although hopefully most of them don’t actually have the plague.

These guys have been ripping an Apple Watch to pieces so you don’t have to

One journalist has described the process as being like ‘an awesome Super Bowl halftime show for nerds’…


Perfect roasties: Your top tips for getting the Sunday roast right

Rough ‘em up, baste them in meat juices/soy sauce/mixed herbs – it’s your choice.

Just how many Irish people can really be classed as filthy rich?

5% of the tax-paying population are on salaries of €100,000 or greater…

Living - Thursday 23 April, 2015

James May has officially left Top Gear

With executive producer Andy Wilman tonight also quitting the show, it seems Top Gear will have a very different feel going forward.

Cadbury have answered every chocolate-lover’s prayers…

Behold the Spectacular 7 – seven chocolate bars rolled into one. Sinful.

From Business ETC Happy 10th birthday YouTube. Here’s why it’s such a success Celebrations

Happy 10th birthday YouTube. Here’s why it’s such a success

It’s come a long way since a trip to the zoo in 2005.

A baby who lived just 100 minutes has become the world’s youngest organ donor

Teddy Houlston’s organs were used to save an adult from renal failure.

Which UK politician would YOU like to see turned into a sex doll?

Please, please don’t let any Irish business try this before next year’s election…

Professor Snape just got hitched

Alan Rickman has married his partner of 50 years. Yes, 50.

‘How can you stab someone 17 times and not be convicted of murder?’

The family of Emmett Connolly, stabbed to death viciously in Cootehill, Co. Cavan 18 months ago, have spoken of the depth of their loss.

If the Catholic church doesn’t urgently signal a change in attitude, I fear for its future

Representative of the church must meaningfully alter responses toward women, LGBT people, and those in second relationships, writes Fr Tony Flannery.

Living - Wednesday 22 April, 2015

‘We’ll cut them again in a month or two’ – AIB chief on mortgage rates

David Duffy was in front of the Oireachtas Finance Committee today, although it didn’t seem like too much of an ordeal for him…

Ben Affleck apologises after asking programme not to mention his slave-owner ancestor

Affleck asked the programme not to mention his dodgy ancestor – but now an investigation into the programme is under way.

Here’s how you can get the family round the table (and why it’s important that you do)

Clinical psychologist David Coleman is here to give advice.

Could a plane really be hijacked over its own Wi-Fi?

The FBI have told airlines in the US to watch for signs their planes are being hacked – by people logged onto any onboard internet service.

Fancy a cruise but don’t like boats? Five-star train travel is coming to Ireland

The company behind the Orient Express will be launching here from next August. They’re creating 50 jobs while they’re at it…

Living - Tuesday 21 April, 2015

A €280m cable is going to link Mayo and New York

The news could mean brilliant things for the economy out west…

From Business ETC Unstoppable – Whatsapp has added ANOTHER 100 million users so far in 2015 'everyone' Is Typing...

Unstoppable – Whatsapp has added ANOTHER 100 million users so far in 2015

The messaging service, acquired by Facebook last year for €19 billion, now has over 800 million users worldwide.

The EU and Russia are on a major collision course…

Over gas this time. The EU could end up fining Russian energy giant Gazprom up to €10 billion for abuse of competition…

I feed my children when they’re hungry. Parents in direct provision don’t have that choice.

Parents in direct provision have so few ways in which they can model healthy, productive adulthood for their children.

Living - Monday 20 April, 2015

We need to stop the glorification of busy

Nowadays it’s almost as if it has become a competition as to who can be the busiest – but being overworked is not a virtue.

Poll: How often does your family eat a sit-down meal together? The Kitchen This post contains a poll

Our bodies are amazing, why don’t we give them the love they deserve?

Like so many women and men, I wasted time hating my shape and trying to change it. Then I realised what an incredible, beautiful machine my body is.

From Business ETC You are about to get a whole lot more choice when you order takeaway* The Hungry Games

You are about to get a whole lot more choice when you order takeaway*

*But only in a few parts of Dublin to start with.

Living - Sunday 19 April, 2015

We have qualified psychologists eager to work – so why are waiting lists so long?

Why are counselling psychologists deemed ineligible to work in certain areas of mental health treatment when they have been trained to do so?

This 747 private jet is a palace in the sky

We’re normally happy with a free pillow and some peanuts…

8 optical conundrums that will make your brain hurt

They’re not tricks, they’re illusions.

Living - Saturday 18 April, 2015

Beautiful Beetroot: delicious, nutritious and (most importantly) easy to grow

Beetroot, why do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

From Business ETC 5 apps worth downloading this week Pick Me

5 apps worth downloading this week

Featuring a way to keep messages short and sweet, a versatile photo effects editor and a fantastic cartoon RPG.

The Yes campaign excludes those with reservations about same sex marriage

The fact is that some voters have reservations about gay couples adopting children, therefore genuine engagement on this issue is needed.

The waiting lists for an NCT are ridiculously long at the moment…

And it’s all because of penalty points. Hang about though, it might not all be bad news…

Living - Friday 17 April, 2015

These mysterious caves in a Sligo hillside carry secrets from the Ice Age

Archaeologist Neil Jackman explores two of Ireland’s most intriguing ancient sites – the Caves of Keash and Dun Aonghasa.

I hope the next generation will know no such thing as ‘gay marriage’ – but just ‘marriage’

I want to live my life openly and freely and not to let me sexuality define me. I am not straight, I am not gay – I am a man.

Open thread: What are your tips for the best Sunday roast ever?

Go on, tell us your family secrets…

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