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Dublin: 6 °C Saturday 1 October, 2016

Living - Today’s News

Quiz: How well do you know your venomous beasts?

Not all of nature’s calamities are dangerous looking.

Japan's solution to queues? Self-driving chairs On The Move This post contains a poll

Japan's solution to queues? Self-driving chairs

They’re being tested at certain restaurants.

Poll: Has Ireland really learned its lesson after the last financial crash? Your Say This post contains a poll

Poll: Has Ireland really learned its lesson after the last financial crash?

Ed Sibley, director of credit insititutions supervision with the Central Bank, says that the warning signs of another crisis are beginning to emerge.

Scottish boxer dies following televised bout

25-year-old Mike Towell was taken to hospital after his fight with Dale Evans was stopped in the fifth round on Thursday evening.


Paris has finally opened its first-ever Oscar Wilde exhibition

The writer died in the French capital.

You can now exchange your foreign leftover coins at Irish airports for duty free vouchers

The vouchers are worth 10% more than the cash value.

Looking back: Here's how things looked the last time the gardaí went on strike

In 1998, 5,000 gardaí went on strike in an unusual manner – they called in sick en masse.

"Insults towards the Stardust victims" submission delivered to Attorney General

The submission details all the “errors and omissions” of both the Keane Tribunal and the Coffey Review of the 1981 fire tragedy.


Living - Yesterday’s News

Italian police have found two priceless Van Gogh paintings stolen from a Dutch museum

The thieves broke into the museum through the roof and used sledgehammers to break a first-floor window.

Rock legends AC/DC helped the Aviva Stadium rack up multi-million euro profits

The venue played host to over a dozen events including several soccer and rugby matches.

Ireland could be next to ban microbeads (if politicians can agree on it)

The Green Party has published a bill on the issue – but it needs cross-party support.

Living - Thursday 29 September, 2016

Mary Robinson wants us all to go vegan (at least partly) for the sake of climate change

“We need each of us to think about our carbon footprint. Eat less meat, or no meat at all. Become vegetarian or vegan.”

Ad for slimming tablets banned after complaint it showed women who were too thin

The ASAI said that the ad mustn’t be shown in its current form again.

Living - Wednesday 28 September, 2016

Musicians hold sing-song outside Leinster House in bid to get more radio play

They were there to launch a new bill from Labour TD Willie Penrose.

Students: Be productive and make the most of your breaks from college Change Generation This post contains videos

Students: Be productive and make the most of your breaks from college

It’s not all about binging on box-sets: this is the time to feather your CV for future employers.

"A human rights violaton, worse than child abuse" - committee on genital mutilation wants action from gardaí FGM

"A human rights violaton, worse than child abuse" - committee on genital mutilation wants action from gardaí

An Eritrean national, herself the subject of FGM, says she hopes a full prosecution will follow in the case of a man arrested in Dublin in connection with the suspected mutilation of a baby girl.

"Employers are losing out" - why are less than 1% of state apprenticeships being taken by women?

Just 52 of them in fact. But is there more than just gender stereotypes behind the exclusion of women from so many established professions?

Living - Tuesday 27 September, 2016

Minister Michael Creed and Horse Racing Ireland defend 20-year term of CEO Brian Kavanagh

Creed has said he consented to a new contract for Brian Kavanagh, who earns €25,000 above government guidelines.

Waterford doctor who lost his Ferrari in sports car deal has been paid €55,000

The trade was made on the basis that the Ferrari would part-finance the purchase of Dr Eddie O’Donnell’s dream car, a 2012 McLaren MP4 12C which he never received.

Baby born in Mexico using 'three parent' fertility technique

The parents went to Mexico with a specialist team so that the procedure could be carried out.

Calls for Government to follow France and ban plastic cups and forks

The French Government recently became the first to ban plastic cups, cutlery and plates from 2020.

This post contains a poll

UN agency says 681 people died in Ireland from air pollution in one year

The UK had 16,355 deaths from air pollution in the same year, according to a WHO report released today.

Germany has stopped Facebook from harvesting WhatsApp subscriber data

Hamburg’s Commissioner for Data Protection added that Facebook would be required to delete data already received from WhatsApp in Germany.

So what brands are Irish customers having the best experience with?

There are some surprises to be found in the results of the second annual Irish Customer Experience Survey. But fans of Irish Water might want to avert their eyes.

Questions continue to stack up regarding cardiac services at Waterford Hospital UHW

Questions continue to stack up regarding cardiac services at Waterford Hospital

The recommendation not to provide a second cardiac cath lab at the hospital has caused a political rumpus that shows no signs of calming.

Corbyn's Labour are dead against it, but what's the up-to-date situation with fracking in Ireland?

The controversial gas-extraction technique tends to inspire strong emotions in people living in areas affected by it.

Living - Monday 26 September, 2016

Decision time: How to decide on the career that's (hopefully) right for you

Choosing a career is one of the most important decision you will ever make – so don’t just fall into it.

These are the companies Ireland's graduates most want to work for

The latest GradIreland survey of employer popularity put accountancy group KPMG top with two Irish banks jumping up the ranks.

Living - Sunday 25 September, 2016

The woman behind Can't Cope, Won't Cope: "I was hell-bent on getting this on screen"

Stefanie Preissner talks to us about her new series ahead of the third episode airing tomorrow.

Ross welcomes Dublin Bus talks, says both sides now need to be given "space"

Dublin Bus says that the ongoing strikes have already cost it €4 million.

Two men arrested following car chase after shots fired in Cork city

The shots were fired at about 2pm this afternoon at Noonan Road in Cork city.

Man spent 43 years using wheelchair following incorrect diagnosis

61-year-old Rufino Borrego was incorrectly diagnosed as having incurable muscular dystrophy when he was 13.

Coronation Street actor fired over series of "racially offensive" tweets

Marc Anwar has played the character of Sharif Nazir on the soap since 2014.

Italian man ordered to buy feminist books for underage prostitute

The man has been ordered to buy the teenage girl 30 books “on the theme of women’s dignity”.

Column: The US football players kneeling for the national anthem are doing something important

There is a long history of athletes taking a stand for justice, writes Julien Mercille.

Ladies football and camogie finals to be added to free-to-air list

Communications Minister Denis Naughten says the two finals are “events of major importance to Irish society”.

Living - Saturday 24 September, 2016

Fianna Fáil dips in support in latest opinion poll

The Red C poll for the Sunday Business Post indicates Fianna Fáil remains the most popular party with a reduced approval numbers of 27%.

Opinion: Staffless libraries are a terrible idea for Ireland

Staffless libraries are the first step towards the dismantling of the public library system as it is known and cherished.

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