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Dublin: 15 °C Monday 25 May, 2015

Living - Today’s News

To shape a fairer Africa in the next 50 years, we must listen to women

The African Union’s ‘Agenda 2063’ sets out a vision for the continent’s development over the next half-century – but how will it be reached?

I salute the gluten-free trend (but let’s recognise real coeliacs from the fashion followers)

Having lived with gluten-free since the days when the bread came in a tin, it is interesting to think someone might cut out gluten as a choice.


Living - Yesterday’s News

This referendum will be remembered as a victory for equality, democracy and love

This historic vote has served as a catalyst for profound social change by prompting us to think beyond our narrow self-interests and helping us to overcome some of our deepest fears.

Meet the former accountant who dumpster dives and lives in New York City on $5,000 a year

She even manages to make it along to the opera occasionally.

‘Ireland’s maternity units are facing chronic and dangerous understaffing’

Maternity staff are being asked to deal with far, far more births than they can safely handle in hospitals up and down the country.

Living - Saturday 23 May, 2015

What an extraordinary, historic and momentous day for Ireland

Ireland’s decision to become the first country in the world to legalise same-sex marriage via a popular referendum shows just how much it has changed in recent years.

Just how physically fit are the Irish?

We have a greater proportion of people playing sport or exercising regularly than any other EU country. But 44% of us never do anything active at all…

From Business ETC Want to start a childcare business with a difference? This man knows how Making A Difference

Want to start a childcare business with a difference? This man knows how

Ciaran Flynn’s Childpaths sprung from his experience as a parent. There’s plenty of room for original ideas in Ireland’s childcare industry…

The ‘gay cake’ row and freedom of speech: Being offended isn’t a right

The trouble with trying to put limits on free speech and the freedom of conscience is that you inevitably wind up tying yourself in knots.

Living - Friday 22 May, 2015

Open letter to Ban Ki-Moon: ‘Ireland’s commitments to human rights are being weakened ‘

The United Nations Secretary-General, Ban Ki Moon, will visit next week to mark the 60th anniversary of Ireland joining the UN.

6 unusual American recipes to add to your repertoire

Hoagies and sloppy joes, oh my.

The HSE is about to buy up half a million condoms

And 200,000 packets of lubricant to boot.

‘My life in Ireland is the normal tapestry of pleasure and pain – but the good far outweighs any bad’

It took me a little time to get used to a new culture, but I have discovered that Irish people love spreading happiness and positivity.

Living - Thursday 21 May, 2015

It’s not scaremongering to look at the bioethical implications of the marriage referendum

Both surrogacy and donor-conception require more, not less, ethical discussion before the Government’s plans in this area become formalised in law.

Pictures: A giant oil slick has hit the California coast

The spill is the result of an onshore pipeline leak spewing oil into the ocean for several hours yesterday.

First world problem alert: There’s a global Prosecco drought on the way…

The grape used to produce everyone’s favourite pre-drink has had a couple of particularly bad harvests in a row in Italy.


‘My experience in Ireland has been quite simply incredible’

My life here has given me amazing opportunities as a professional musician. I don’t miss a lot of things from Kinshasa (apart from the sun, obviously).

Paul Gascoigne has won €264,000 in damages for having his phone hacked

The troubled former footballer, along with numerous other celebrities, has received a settlement from Mirror Group Newspapers.

The Grangegorman squatters have no intention of moving…

A High Court order has been passed for the arrest of those who remain, but they intend to appeal.

I get annoyed when it is assumed that older people in rural Ireland will vote No

Former president of the Irish Countrywomen’s Association, Mamo McDonald, explains why she will be voting Yes tomorrow.

Living - Wednesday 20 May, 2015

Cork comedian Maeve Higgins appears on cult US show Inside Amy Schumer This post contains videos

Cork comedian Maeve Higgins appears on cult US show

Higgins popped up in a sketch on Amy Schumer’s TV show last night.

A Dublin bus has turned away a wheelchair-user…

Caroline O’Leary was turned away from a number 13 bus as a child’s buggy was occupying the wheelchair space on board.

From Business ETC So where do Irish graduates want to work in 2015? And how much do they expect to make? Show Me The Money

So where do Irish graduates want to work in 2015? And how much do they expect to make?

What Irish students REALLY want it seems is stability. That, and to work for Paddy Power…

From Business ETC Audi’s new carbon fibre bike weighs about the same as a box of Rice Krispies Wheely Light

From Business ETC Marks and Spencer’s fortunes are looking a lot rosier – is it all down to this skirt? Skirting The Issue

The story of us: “I have never felt luckier or like I was on a bigger adventure”

Long-term couples talk about their lives together – and their hopes for the future – ahead of Friday’s vote on same-sex marriage.

Living - Tuesday 19 May, 2015

From The42 8 reasons why Monday Night Football is the best sports show on TV Essential Viewing

8 reasons why Monday Night Football is the best sports show on TV

Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher waved goodbye to their tactics gadgets for another season last night.

‘The marriage referendum proposal could affect future laws relating to children’

Solicitor Eileen King writes about why a group of lawyers are advocating a No vote this Friday.

Coleen Nolan under fire after comparing gay rights with supporting ISIS

Some viewers have been calling for ITV to fire the presenter over her comments.

One of the world’s worst-rated beers is crushing all the competition

‘Faded aromas of sulphur, faint skunk, mild cooked veggies.’

What are the economics of same-sex marriage?

Dr Daragh McGreal discusses the potential economic impact of the same-sex marriage vote.

Here’s what Prince Charles and Camilla will get up to in Ireland today

The party have stated that a “healing process” needs to be developed.

Living - Monday 18 May, 2015

It’s official: I’ve found my first grey hair… The inevitable is happening.

It’s fair to say that I’ve developed a slight hang up about getting older.

From Business ETC Ireland is now responsible for the privacy of 240 million Twitter users Private Dancers

Ireland is now responsible for the privacy of 240 million Twitter users

Or rather, the Irish Data Protection Commissioner is. Rather her than us.

We’re being short-changed by the ‘other referendum’

The presidential age referendum is a watered-down version of attempts at real political reform.


You told us: Your tips on how to plan meals for the week

We asked, you answered – did your suggestion make the cut?

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