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# politics - Thursday 4 February, 2016

# politics - Monday 1 February, 2016

6 sure-fire signs that it’s election time in Ireland

Brace yourself. Canvassers are coming.

# politics - Friday 29 January, 2016

Trump wins Republican debate – despite not being there

Trump’s decision to boycott and pick a fight with Fox seemed to be particularly well-timed, allowing him dominate news coverage for days.

# politics - Monday 25 January, 2016

Australia’s state leaders push to cut ties with Queen Elizabeth

Almost all of Australia’s state and territory leaders have signed up in support of the country becoming a republic.

# politics - Sunday 24 January, 2016

Will Fine Gael join forces with Fianna Fáil?

With no political party likely to get an outright majority and the probability Labour will take a right beating, it makes sense for Enda to join forces with Micheál Martin to form the next Government, writes Paul Allen.

# politics - Monday 18 January, 2016

The dirty side of election politics has already reared its ugly head

How much will negative campaigning feature in this general election and who will be the winners and losers, asks Paul Allen.

# politics - Saturday 16 January, 2016

# politics - Friday 15 January, 2016

# politics - Saturday 9 January, 2016

Enda Kenny is almost certainly going to be returned as Taoiseach

The question of the election of 2016 will be: “Who will Fine Gael rule with, and how long will it last?”

# politics - Tuesday 29 December, 2015

‘I watched this man bleed out. He was rolling on the ground and I imagined his last moments’

The drone programme has been referred to as a “global assassination campaign” that has murdered over 4,000 people, writes Julien Mercille.

# politics - Saturday 19 December, 2015

From The42 Brolly to reign? Joe considering run for Irish presidency Brolly Reign

Brolly to reign? Joe considering run for Irish presidency

GAA legend has been approached by a number of political parties but has yet to make up his mind.

# politics - Saturday 12 December, 2015

Make no mistake, we’re already sowing the seeds of the next recession

There is going to be another recession in the future, but how we prepare for it is up to our politicians, writes Aaron McKenna.

# politics - Tuesday 8 December, 2015

What should be done when politicians are caught dealing dirty?

Here’s everything you need to know about what’s happening in Irish politics right now…

# politics - Monday 7 December, 2015

“What’s in it for me?” – Explosive RTÉ documentary shows politicians seeking cash Dirty Dealings This post contains videos

“I lured her into my trap” – councillor claims he was only playing along with £10k RTÉ sting

Hugh McElvaney says HE has in fact caught RTÉ ‘red-handed’.

# politics - Sunday 6 December, 2015

I’m not a AAA fan but we shouldn’t be able to restrict funding because we don’t like the look of them

To restrict the fundraising ability because some members might theoretically commit public order offences is a disturbing development, writes Donal O’Keeffe.

# politics - Tuesday 1 December, 2015

Irish patients left waiting over a year for surgery to restore their eyesight

Almost 4,000 people have been waiting more than 12 months to even see a consultant.

# politics - Tuesday 17 November, 2015

Could this new plan get rid of corruption in Irish society?

The party is looking to Australia for inspiration.

# politics - Friday 13 November, 2015

Joan Burton lashes ‘online warriors’ as Mairia Cahill becomes a Labour senator

The abuse victim has won a seat on the Seanad’s Industrial and Commercial Panel.

Amid the rumour and innuendo, Pat Carey’s resignation was inevitable

Analysis: The former minister’s swift resignation as Fianna Fáil’s director of elections was always on the cards once his name began to circulate in the political bubble.

# politics - Thursday 12 November, 2015

Mairia Cahill ‘deeply regrets and is deeply sorry’ for dissident involvement

The Labour Seanad candidate has broken her silence.

Enda won’t be going for as long as Éamon de Valera

The Taoiseach ruled out trying to emulate one of his predecessors today.

Watch ‘a bunch of whimpering babies’ shout and roar in the Dáil Rowdiness This post contains videos

Watch ‘a bunch of whimpering babies’ shout and roar in the Dáil

Proposals to enhance security around Leinster House have been criticised by Sinn Féin.

# politics - Tuesday 10 November, 2015

Enda insists the Anglo loans inquiry won’t collapse

Enda insists the Anglo loans inquiry won’t collapse

The Taoiseach said he received a letter from Judge Brian Cregan last Friday about the difficulties the inquiry had encountered.

‘I hope it works’: Two-year rent freeze to tackle housing crisis

The government has announced a new package of measures it hopes will tackle the long-running housing crisis.

Enda could be shaking hands and kissing babies, but instead we’re all talking about Siteserv again

Here’s everything you need to know about what’s happening in Irish politics right now…

# politics - Monday 9 November, 2015

# politics - Sunday 8 November, 2015

Irish Water say they’ve no plans to re-brand despite reports

The plan involves the retirement of CEO John Tierney.

# politics - Friday 6 November, 2015

‘What you’d expect from the Tea Party’: Leo’s radical plan for hospitals is being lashed

Fianna Fáil and Sinn Féin are not impressed with the Health Minister’s latest comments.

Gerry Adams: Our opponents fear us

The Sinn Féin president insisted his party would not desist in opposing the actions of criminals.

Justin Trudeau’s gender-balanced cabinet could teach Ireland a thing or two

The new Canadian Prime Minister’s decision has seen him roundly applauded – but he’s not without his detractors.

# politics - Thursday 5 November, 2015

Here’s what’s on the menu for Sinn Féin’s €500-a-plate NY fundraiser

Cocktails, salad, steak and a type of Spanish cheese are all on the menu in Manhattan tonight.

Health service scandals: Leo Varadkar faced some tough questions today

The health minister said that he has “no doubt” that many more such stories will come to light in the months to come.

A lot of women are tweeting Enda about their periods – and he’s cool with it

“People send tweets to the Taoiseach all the time on all sorts of issues and are entitled to do so.”

‘Anti-Traveller sentiment is the last bastion of a backward Ireland’

Last night, our government had a chance to recognise Travellers as Ireland’s only indigenous ethnic minority, but they failed us, writes Freda Hughes.

All eyes on Leo as yet another awful story emerges from an Irish hospital

Here’s everything you need to know about what’s happening in Irish politics right now…

Gardaí monitoring sex offenders “with both hands tied”, TD claims

A new report says that 18 registered sex offenders are living within walking distance of schools in Cork.

Galway city is so short on cash that it’s not possible to be buried on a Sunday

Senator Fidelma Healy Eames has been banging the funding drum this morning.

Why is Canada getting a gender-balanced cabinet? “Because it’s 2015″

The country’s new Prime Minister has promised big changes.

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