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# smuggling - Monday 23 February, 2015

Gardaí ‘hold no intelligence’ of Provo involvement in fuel smuggling

Minister Charlie Flanagan says criminals are being pursued.

# smuggling - Tuesday 13 January, 2015

From The Daily Edge Man arrested at Chinese border with 94 iPhones strapped to his body No Phone Zone

Man arrested at Chinese border with 94 iPhones strapped to his body

But his plan was foolproof! Foolproof, we tell you!

# smuggling - Monday 5 January, 2015

Two convicted IRA bombers arrested in Spain for smuggling alcohol and tobacco IRA

Two convicted IRA bombers arrested in Spain for smuggling alcohol and tobacco

Leonard Hardy and his wife Donna Maria Elizabeth Hardy were convicted of a 1989 bombing of a British army barracks in Germany.

# smuggling - Monday 8 December, 2014

Revenue stop 130,000 cigarettes marked “school goods” from hitting the market

The cargo has a street value of around €68,300.

# smuggling - Friday 28 November, 2014

Boat carrying loads and loads* of hash sinks to the bottom of the sea

To be precise – 13.4 tonnes of soggy, soggy hash.

600,000 dodgy Marlboro cigarettes found hidden under flip-flops

They were hidden in a crate of “safety footwear.”

# smuggling - Wednesday 29 October, 2014

Kildare man’s privacy was not violated when he signed for cocaine addressed to fake diplomat

The package was sent to “Tony Tuto, Honorary Consul of the Republic of South Africa”.

# smuggling - Thursday 10 July, 2014

African elephants could quickly “be driven to extinction locally”, warns conservation group

CITES says that the number of elephants killed in the past three years is “far exceeding” the number born.

# smuggling - Wednesday 25 June, 2014

Investigation launched after drone full of drugs touched down at Dublin prison

One of the prisoners is believed to have swallowed some of the packages contained in the helicopter drone.

# smuggling - Thursday 5 June, 2014

Opinion: An EU coastguard for the Mediterranean could save lives and national budgets

There is a tragedy unfolding in the Mediterranean – and it’s not just the responsibility of southern European states.

Man sentenced to jail for smuggling dinosaur fossils

The man was sentenced, despite his work in helping Mongolia open its first dinosaur museum.

# smuggling - Tuesday 27 May, 2014

Not ‘foil containers’ but in fact 1.1 million illegal cigarettes

Revenue intercepted the container at Dublin Port yesterday.

# smuggling - Monday 26 May, 2014

‘Peru 2′ moved to prison in Peruvian desert, family express worry

Michaella McCollum Connolly and Melissa Reid were convicted of attempting to smuggle cocaine from Peru to Spain.

# smuggling - Friday 25 April, 2014

Ollie sniffs out €60k of cocaine at Shannon Airport, two men arrested

The pair had ingested over 100 pellets containing the drug.

# smuggling - Wednesday 9 April, 2014

Retailers group says Irish coastline is an “open door” for smugglers

Retailers are calling on the government to step up their fight against smugglers.

# smuggling - Monday 6 January, 2014

Man (29) arrested at Dublin Airport over cigarette smuggling

More than 16,000 cigarettes were seized from the man’s luggage after he arrived on a flight from Dubai earlier today.

# smuggling - Thursday 24 October, 2013

From Business ETC Gardaí and Revenue given search powers to crack down on cigarette smuggling Smoking

Gardaí and Revenue given search powers to crack down on cigarette smuggling

Under a provision of the Finance Bill published today, authorities will be allowed to search “any bag or receptacle” that they reasonably believe contains an illegally smuggled tobacco product.

# smuggling - Monday 21 October, 2013

From The Daily Edge This cat just got caught smuggling cannabis into a prison Collared

# smuggling - Monday 14 October, 2013

‘Peru 2′ transferred to prison notorious for overcrowding

Michaella McCollum Connolly and Melissa Reid have been transferred from a low security facility, and could now be sharing a cell with as many as 38 other inmates.

# smuggling - Wednesday 2 October, 2013

Court presses Peru two for details of gang members

Last week a prosecutor said they would need to give a fuller confession if they expected to have their sentences reduced.

# smuggling - Wednesday 25 September, 2013

Peru pair face sentences of six years and 8 months

Michaella McCollum Connolly and Melissa Reid entered guilty pleas at a court hearing last night.

# smuggling - Sunday 15 September, 2013

Illegal tobacco seizures and fines drop 84 per cent

15 million cigarettes have been seized in the first half of this year, compared with 95 million last year.

# smuggling - Tuesday 3 September, 2013

Web effort to help Irish woman arrested in Peru raises just over £700

Set up by her sister, the fund for Michaella McCollum Connolly aims to raise £20,000.

# smuggling - Friday 23 August, 2013

Favourite in Australian election wants to buy Indonesian “smuggler boats”

Tony Abbott wants Australia to pay “wardens” in Indonesian villages as well as bounty payments to curb immigration into Australia.

# smuggling - Saturday 10 August, 2013

Pics: What police found when they busted alleged human smugglers

IDs, stamps, a gun and passports were among the items found by the alleged gang.

# smuggling - Friday 7 June, 2013

PICS: Revenue seizes €100,000 of tobacco purporting to be Chinese tea

The tobacco was discovered when customs officers intercepted a van at a location in Dublin on Wednesday.

# smuggling - Friday 17 May, 2013

Lorry driver jailed for driving cannabis truck from Greece ‘destined for NI’

The 38-year-old lorry driver from Tyrone was sentenced to 14 years in jail today after being caught with a large amount of cannabis in his truck.

# smuggling - Sunday 21 April, 2013

Retailers fuming over illegal cigarette trade

Up to 100 retailers are to meet tomorrow evening on the issues of cigarette smuggling and illegal cigarette selling in Dublin.

# smuggling - Monday 18 March, 2013

Demand for exotic pets pushes species to brink

For every endangered animal in a pet shop or home – ten others could have died during capture or transportation.

# smuggling - Friday 8 March, 2013

Man arrested at Dublin Airport after ingesting 77 pellets of cocaine

Revenue said separate discoveries of drugs and cigarettes this week would have been worth about €65,000.

# smuggling - Wednesday 6 March, 2013

Rise in ‘designer drugs’ poses serious health risk: UN report

The report from the International Narcotics Control Board said Europe alone almost one new substance is appearing every week.

# smuggling - Thursday 23 August, 2012

Ryanair stewards detained at Liverpool airport over cigarette ‘smuggling’

Two airline stewards were off-duty when they were detained by authorities over alleged smuggling of cigarettes from the Canary Islands.

# smuggling - Wednesday 8 August, 2012

International ‘car smuggling mastermind’ arrested

Interpol says coordinated investigation into theft of sports cars worth around €6m involved 14 member states.

# smuggling - Sunday 15 July, 2012

Poll: Should the price of cigarettes be increased? Your Say This post contains a poll

Poll: Should the price of cigarettes be increased?

The Health Minister James Reilly wants to increase the price of 20 cigarettes by around €6 in the next six years. What do you think?

# smuggling - Wednesday 16 May, 2012

Oil laundering plant, cigarettes and smuggled fuel seized by Customs

Seizures were made in three separate operations today by the Revenue’s Customs Service.

# smuggling - Tuesday 15 May, 2012

Man caught smuggling cocaine in wheelchair

US border protection agents noticed something strange about the wheelchair cushion…

Revenue spent €31,000 on interpreters since 2007

Finance Minister says Revenue sometimes requires interpreters when questioning passengers who have insufficient Irish or English.

# smuggling - Tuesday 8 May, 2012

China to reinvestigate ‘human flesh capsule’ claims

South Korean officials said yesterday that they intercepted the smuggling of capsules containing the flesh of deceased infants.

# smuggling - Monday 7 May, 2012

‘Powdered human flesh’ capsules seized in South Korea

Customs officers intercepted smuggled capsules from China which they say contained human flesh.

# smuggling - Sunday 15 April, 2012

Customs seize 3.5 million cigarettes in Rosslare

The “L&M” brand cigarettes, seized at Rosslare, had a reported retail value of €1.4 million.

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