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This week
25th February 2024 - 2nd March 2024
Close to 100 people killed in overnight strikes in Gaza as Israel discusses next steps in truce talks
Last week
18th February 2024 - 2nd March 2024
Strikes kill dozens in Gaza, as Israel's war cabinet is to meet after talks with Hamas
US vetoes UN resolution demanding immediate ceasefire in Gaza
The move comes after the United States tabled its own motion calling for a “temporary” ceasefire in Gaza.
Hamas said the US veto equalled "a green light for the occupation to commit more massacres".
The United Nations’ World Food Programme has announced a pause in food and aid deliveries to northern Gaza.
The World Health Organization said it has transferred 32 patients out of Khan Yunis' Nasser hospital.
WHO chief says south Gaza's largest hospital no longer functioning after Israeli siege and raid
Last month
February 2024
Fears grow for patients trapped in Gazan hospital as Hamas reiterates call for ceasefire
US urges Israel not to carry out Rafah attack in Gaza without plan to keep civilians safe
US warns Israel of 'disaster' if it sends troops into Gaza's Rafah city
Benjamin Netanyahu said he had ordered troops to “prepare to operate” in Rafah, the last major urban area ground troops have yet to enter.
This year
Tánaiste calls Netanyahu's rejection of two-state solution 'unacceptable' ahead of EU meeting
Israel's top court strikes down key government legal reform challenging power of judiciary
Last year
UN 'gravely concerned' by Israeli strikes on central Gaza as Netanyahu doubles down
The WHO reported “harrowing” accounts of Israel’s attacks on Gaza on 24 December.
Netanyahu wrote in the Wall Street Journal that the Israeli state will not stop with its assault.
The UN Human Rights Office said all attacks had to adhere to international humanitarian law.
The WHO detailed how one Gazan child lost her whole family from one airstrike.
Netanyahu & the American Evangelicals: 'They wage war in our country, then celebrate Christmas'
Several European foreign ministers urge ceasefire but Netanyahu is ‘committed as ever’ to war
Biden's administration shows signs of strained patience with ally Israel
Richard Boyd Barrett defends remarks labelling Israel a ‘filthy, racist regime’
Elon Musk visits Israel amid growing accusations of antisemitism on his social media platform X
Gaza hospitals run out of fuel as fighting rages and EU condemns Hamas' use of 'human shields'
The director of Al-Shifa hospital said it is "totally surrounded and bombardments are going on nearby".
The Israeli Defence Forces pledged to aid the evacuation of babies from the hospital.
In a televised address, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed that his country's battle against Hamas would continue with "full force".
SF crowd chants 'free Palestine' as ambassador to Ireland receives rapturous applause at Ard Fheis
Israel rules out ceasefire as Gaza health officials say over 11,000 now killed in conflict
US President Joe Biden welcomed the pauses as a "step in the right direction".
Tens of thousands of civilians have streamed out of devastated northern Gaza in recent days.
Israel agrees to four-hour daily humanitarian pauses to allow civilians to flee Gaza
Israeli PM Netanyahu says fighting in Gaza will be 'long and difficult'
Rishi Sunak tells Benjamin Netanyahu 'we want you to win' during visit to Israel
Israeli ambassador says it's a 'shame' some Irish politicians have Palestine flags on social media
Israel MPs approve controversial judicial reforms in face of protests
Israel's Netanyahu announces 'pause' to judicial reforms after mass protests
Palestinians in West Bank count cost of unprecedented settler rampage
Israel announces measures against 'families of terrorists' following attacks
All time
Israel swears in Benjamin Netanyahu as prime minister of new far-right government
Israeli PM Lapid concedes defeat to Netanyahu in election
Benjamin Netanyahu on cusp of Israeli election victory with far-right allies
Benjamin Netanyahu poised to return as Israel's PM despite corruption charges
Initial projection shows Benjamin Netanyahu's party finishes first in Israel vote
Former Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu ‘negotiating plea deal in corruption case’
Profile: The hard-right tech millionaire who's just taken over as Israeli prime minister
Netanyahu opponents reach coalition deal to oust Israeli PM
Opposition parties step up efforts to oust Netanyahu with unity government
Taoiseach says Gaza air strikes 'wholly disproportionate' but rejects call to expel Israeli ambassador
Coveney says 'it's too early to tell' if Israel has committed war crimes in Gaza
Israel's Netanyahu loses mandate to form a government, now opening doors for rivals
Biden to restore $235m in US aid to Palestinians, reversing Trump