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Gas restored in Mayo and Galway as probe launched into Shell Corrib breach
Smart meters to be rolled out across Ireland in 2019 - a year later than anticipated
Your electricity bill will now cost an extra €24 a year
3,500 complaints made to energy regulator - including one person who was wrongly charged €2,500
Regulator denies saying water metering programme should be abandoned
Irish people switch energy provider more than any other country in Europe
Energy regulator proposes to increase levy on electricity bills by 36%
Irish Water wants the public to tell it what to do
Some businesses to get discount on water charges
You have to be registered with Irish Water before it will fix a leak
Plan to take water charges from wages a 'bullying' tactic - Murphy
Those reduced water charges the government promised have been approved
Has someone called you claiming to be from ESB? It could be a scam
'Massive time bomb': Public safety at risk as 'thousands' of boilers illegally installed each year
Kildare man fined €3,000 for pretending to be a registered electrician
Now you won't be getting your first water bill until the end of January
Water bills could be delayed as energy regulator looks at deadline
From flushing the loo to a cup of tea - how much will water cost?
Is your water undrinkable? You won't have to pay Irish Water for it
A final decision on water charges is expected later today
More than 1,000 customers had their electricity or gas cut off in June
Irish Water: It's not fair to compare us to 25-year-old UK utilities
'If you install a water meter at our house, we will remove it'
Here's how much you'll be expected to pay for water
Unregistered Carlow plumber prosecuted for installing gas boilers
More than 1500 properties had their electricity or gas cut off in April
Man prosecuted for wrongfully impersonating a registered gas installer
Here's how many homes had their gas and electricity disconnected last year
Engage with your energy supplier and you won't be cut off
Over 15,000 gas and electricity customers were cut-off for not paying in 2013
Are you a Bord Gáis customer? Expect to see another price increase next month
Did you switch your energy provider last year? More than 300,000 did
Airtricity to increase gas prices from October, MD says it is "unavoidable"
First Bord Gáis, now Electric Ireland: Gas prices to rise by 35 cent per week
Bord Gáis prices set to rise - again - next month
21,000 had gas or electricity cut for not paying bills
More than 5,800 homes lost gas or electricity connection because of non-payment
Energy usage in Ireland dropped 12 per cent in just three years
Bad news, consumers: Bord Gáis prices to increase from next month
Explainer: Why energy prices are rising and what you can do to save money