29th February 2024
The Covid leap day: Experts look back on 2020 and ahead to 2028
The first case of Covid was reported in Ireland on 29 February 2020.
This year
Scottish CMO told colleague to delete messages ‘at end of every day’, Covid inquiry told
Substantial increase in flu expected to 'peak in next week or two'
Last year
Minister warns rise in flu and Covid cases will increase pressure on hospitals
'Not going to be like the UK one': Donnelly expecting different tone to Ireland's Covid inquiry
Taoiseach says Ireland’s Covid inquiry will 'certainly' be held next year
Nobel Prize for medicine awarded to scientists behind Covid-19 mRNA vaccines
HSE's autumn winter flu and Covid-19 vaccination programme gets underway today
Chief Medical Officer warns of 'multi-pathogenic winter' as new Covid variant discovered
Poll: Have you had Covid-19 in the past year?
Hiqa review says 'clear treatment pathway for Long Covid remains unknown'
Hospital deaths from pneumonia and COPD fell after rollout of Covid-19 vaccines, audit finds
Tory MP apologises for attending ‘birthday drinks’ during Covid
Frontline workers who still haven't received €1,000 pandemic bonus payment hold protests
Ministers express unease over underspend on national roads projects
Covid pandemic still volatile, WHO warns
China defends search for source of Covid-19 after 'offensive' WHO criticism
HSE to launch survey to measure prevalence of long Covid in Ireland
Opinion: If global leaders can't agree on the origin of Covid then what hope for future crises?
Six-month-old babies will be eligible for the Covid-19 vaccine from next week
HSE urges public to get second booster shot as vaccine uptake lags
Chief medical officer has not advocated for a mask mandate, says Taoiseach
China insists Covid data 'transparent' after WHO criticism
EU members “strongly encouraged” to demand pre-flight Covid tests on passengers from China
CMO warns parents to keep sick kids at home while consultant says patients 'at risk' due to trolley crisis
All time
People aged 18 to 49 can now receive a second Covid-19 booster
US to require negative Covid tests for travelers from China after country's sudden Covid pivot
Explainer: What's happening with Covid-19 in China?
Chinese city seeing half a million Covid cases a day, says official
Debunked: Conspiracy theory 'documentary' repeats long-disproven claims about Covid vaccines
China announces nationwide loosening of Covid restrictions following protests
Opinion: China's zero-covid policy tightens its perfect dictatorship
China eases Covid curbs with some cities no longer requiring negative tests for public transport
Twitter lifts policy intended to prevent spread of Covid misinformation
Fresh clashes in south China over Covid lockdowns as authorities warn of 'crackdown'
Hundreds take to streets in China as opposition to government's zero-Covid policy mounts
Xinjiang loosens some restrictions after protests erupt over zero-Covid lockdown
Injunction sought over use of Covid-19 vaccines on children aged 5-11
Debunk: No, it isn’t true that vaccines have little effect on COVID-19 transmission
Young people argued with parents and siblings more during first year of the Covid pandemic