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January 2024
Ireland found guilty of failing to ensure safe drinking water by EU court
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Decision to throw out €13bn Apple tax case must be revisited, advisor to European court says
'A very big moment': Nerves felt in government ahead of Apple tax case decision next week
MEPs push to scrap airline charges for carry-on luggage and to standardise dimensions
EU court says Ireland broke nature laws by failing to protect hundreds of sites
EU commission's appeal against €14.3 billion Apple and Ireland tax ruling to be heard today
All time
EU court rules Google must delete inaccurate search information if proven wrong
Why is the EC releasing funds to Hungary and Poland in face of democracy threat?
Justice Minister to introduce new legislation on data retention to help Gardaí
EU court rules in favour of Graham Dwyer in privacy case, paving way for murder conviction appeal
The EU's top court has considered its first ever case in the Irish language. It's about labels on dog medicine
US 'deeply concerned' about EU data ruling, says Trump's Commerce Secretary
Europe's highest court rules that data protection arrangement between EU and US is invalid
An EU court has ruled in favour of Apple and Ireland in the €13 billion tax row. So what happens now?
A major ruling is expected tomorrow in the €13 billion Apple tax row - but don't expect the saga to end there
Top EU court hits back at German ruling on €2 trillion bond-buying scheme
Supreme Court to refer Graham Dwyer data retention appeal to the EU's Court of Justice
EU countries must now label products imported from Israeli occupied territories
Ireland fined €5m plus daily penalty of €15,000 over landslides at Galway wind farm
Poll: Do you think Britain will reverse the Brexit process?
Poll: Should the UK parliament reverse Brexit?
European Court of Justice's top advisor rules UK can revoke Article 50 and remain in European Union
EU extraditions to Britain should continue until Brexit happens, court rules
EU sides with Ireland in landmark denial of extradition of man due to problems with the Polish courts
Top EU court rules same-sex partners have residency rights in landmark case
Irish judges defend High Court judge against 'unacceptable' personal attacks from Polish media
High Court judge says changes in Poland have 'systematically damaged' the rule of law and breached democracy
'Bridge is not a sport': Club trying to claim tax relief denied by top EU court
Ryanair fell foul of Europe's top court today - here's what you need to know
UK says it will 'take back control of its laws' after Brexit
May says EU citizens living in the UK can stay - but without Brussels' oversight
Vaccines can be blamed for illness without scientific proof, EU court rules
A non-EU parent has a right to residency if their child is an EU citizen
Dublin protest against EU ruling on hijabs in the workplace
Ireland to oppose Uber application to circumvent taxi regulations across EU
European court advised to find Trinity lecturer was discriminated against for being gay
Workers set to be paid for travel to and from work after major ruling
Get ready for an explosion of knock-off Kit Kat chocolates
Ireland is overworking its junior doctors - and could face huge fines because of it
Integration tests are ok, says EU