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#Joan Burton

# joan-burton - Thursday 29 January, 2015

It’s like installing an iPad, Mary Lou… Just a little more complicated

Joan Burton can’t see why everyone’s making such a fuss about that Irish Water grants letter.

Enda Kenny and Joan Burton were given a serious dose of (virtual) reality today

They didn’t look happy when the fun was over.

# joan-burton - Wednesday 28 January, 2015

From Business ETC Any sale of government’s Aer Lingus shares would face Dáil vote Boeing Boeing...

Any sale of government’s Aer Lingus shares would face Dáil vote

The airline’s proposed buyer has said it will keep Aer Lingus as a separate business.

Micheál Martin wants a live TV showdown with Enda Kenny… but will the Taoiseach do it?

Fianna Fáil has approached Claire Byrne Live about facilitating a debate between the two party leaders.

# joan-burton - Tuesday 27 January, 2015

Gerry Adams just got the better of Joan Burton on last night’s Claire Byrne Live

Analysis: While the Tánaiste was better on the economy, there’s no doubt that Adams has improved his debating.

# joan-burton - Sunday 25 January, 2015

# joan-burton - Thursday 22 January, 2015

Joan Burton compares Mary Lou to a saint … but not in a good way

The pair have a history of clashing in the Dáil.

# joan-burton - Thursday 15 January, 2015

Joan Burton thinks concerns about water meters are ‘a total ball of smoke’

There was a lot of finger-wagging and eye-rolling at Leaders’ Questions today.

# joan-burton - Wednesday 14 January, 2015

Enda: A job means you can buy the car, the boyfriend, the girlfriend, the boots or whatever

A job is deadly, the Taoiseach was essentially saying today.

# joan-burton - Wednesday 7 January, 2015

There will be no Welfare Wednesday drinks tonight

Owner Gary Payne apologised for using the word ‘welfare’ in the promotion.

# joan-burton - Tuesday 6 January, 2015

‘Welfare Wednesday’ pub: ‘We are in a high unemployment area and didn’t want to exclude locals’

The pub issued a statement saying they did not mean to offend anyone.

# joan-burton - Monday 5 January, 2015

Enda and Joan will ‘promise to do just about anything’ to improve their poll ratings

After lending the political limelight to Lucinda, the Government’s hoping to dominate the political news agenda this week…

# joan-burton - Wednesday 31 December, 2014

Look out for the giant spliff: The not-so-serious 2014 political awards

They all take themselves way too seriously in Leinster House. So here’s a bit of light relief from the year that was…

Here are our 10 most commented on articles in 2014

From Joan Burton to Garth Brooks, here’s what got you all talking this year.

Here’s how much it would cost to scrap USC for people who earn less than €60,000

Some people want the controversial charged abolished altogether.

# joan-burton - Tuesday 30 December, 2014

Our top 10 most shared articles on Facebook in 2014

And the most popular ones on Twitter too.

There were 24 data breaches in Joan Burton’s department this year

Most of the cases were due to “genuine error”, the Tánaiste said.

Shufflin’, celebrating and protesting: The political year in pictures

There were resignations, a Cabinet reshuffle and the issue of water charges.

The answers to 9 political questions we were asking this time last year

Most of the questions we asked this time last year we’re answered in 2014.

# joan-burton - Monday 29 December, 2014

Joan Burton says State pension is ‘absolutely secure’

The Tanaiste was responding to reports today that a cut was being considered.

The 10 most popular comments on in 2014

From Irish Water to John Gilligan, here are the comments which got the most thumbs up from other readers this year.

One Coalition party isn’t keen on letting bedsits back onto the market

Tánaiste Joan Burton had previously suggested the ban could be examined.

Joan and Enda both agree that USC can’t just be abolished overnight

The unpopular tax takes in some €4 billion annually.

# joan-burton - Saturday 27 December, 2014

# joan-burton - Friday 26 December, 2014

Joan Burton: Sinn Féin has a ‘one for everyone in the audience’ mentality

The Tánaiste says she would find it hard to find a common economic platform with Sinn Féin.

11 politicians and one (ex) garda commissioner who defined the political year

From Callinan to Kelly we look at the 12 individuals who shaped the political year that was.

# joan-burton - Wednesday 24 December, 2014

Joan Burton wants us all to talk about the economy next year

The Tánaiste has indicated that the government will be delivering a Spring Statement in the New Year.

# joan-burton - Monday 22 December, 2014

Joan on Jobstown: ‘When I was in that car I was worried about the parallels with fascism’

The Tánaiste has been speaking about her experience at the hands of water protesters last month.

Appealing a social welfare decision? Sit tight, it’ll be a while

The average waiting time for a summary decision is seven months.

# joan-burton - Sunday 21 December, 2014

# joan-burton - Friday 19 December, 2014

Joan Burton: Our abortion laws do not serve women well

The Tánaiste and Labour leader has reiterated her opposition to the 8th Amendment.

# joan-burton - Thursday 18 December, 2014

Enda Kenny wants more women…

… to serve in Cabinet if the government is re-elected.

Varadkar: Abortion issue is ‘never going to go away’

The Health Minister said he was aware of the life support case in Mullingar when he called legislation “too restrictive”.

13 Labour TDs missed the Dáil vote on abortion last night

A large number of Labour deputies missed the vote on a bill to hold a referendum on repealing the 8th Amendment.

# joan-burton - Wednesday 17 December, 2014

30 Days in September: An Oral History of the Bank Guarantee

What happened in the days and weeks leading up to the bank guarantee of 30 September 2008? presents an in-depth account from the people who were in the thick of it.

# joan-burton - Monday 15 December, 2014

‘There needs to be a two-year freeze on rents’ says Labour TD

Éamonn Maloney says the freezes are needed to stop Dublin from becoming a “landlords’ paradise”.

# joan-burton - Thursday 11 December, 2014

Good news for Dublin: Fidelity hiring 200 new workers

The jobs are at Fidelity Investments, one fo the largest providers of financial services in the world.

# joan-burton - Tuesday 9 December, 2014

Gardaí defend hiring 16 JobBridge interns for €1.25 an hour

The force is currently seeking a “human rights assistant” and “legal/policing researcher.”

Gardaí on hunt to find dole cheats

20 gardaí will begin investigating social welfare fraud across the country.

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