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Dublin: 12 °C Sunday 30 August, 2015

#Joan Burton

# joan-burton - Yesterday’s News

The story of ‘NO’ … 15 moments that have defined the Irish Water protest movement

Not long ago, was publishing articles with headlines like ‘Why don’t the Irish protest?’.

# joan-burton - Wednesday 26 August, 2015

“Dried-out husks don’t set out to murder people” – Burton

The Tanaiste’s comments were made in reaction to former Attorney General Michael McDowell saying the decision was made to let the IRA exist to avoid dissidents filling the void.

# joan-burton - Tuesday 18 August, 2015

Here’s why you’ll be getting another letter about Irish Water soon

From tomorrow all householders who have registered with Irish Water will receive a letter inviting them to apply for a government grant.

# joan-burton - Friday 14 August, 2015

‘The fear of going to prison is horrible’: Jobstown protesters still haven’t been told they’re being charged

Jobstown residents arrested in connection with the protest said they feel they did no wrong.

# joan-burton - Thursday 13 August, 2015

Joan Burton will be a key witness in the Jobstown trial

The Tánaiste will give evidence when over 20 water protesters stand trial.

# joan-burton - Wednesday 12 August, 2015

Over 20 people, including a TD, will be charged in connection with the Jobstown Irish Water protest

Tánaiste Joan Burton was trapped in her car at the protest.

# joan-burton - Sunday 2 August, 2015

The latest poll is out – and it’s bad news for Enda

The Taoiseach and his party have seen a significant dip in support.

# joan-burton - Thursday 23 July, 2015

Joan Burton to banking inquiry – “We would have let Anglo fail” Banking Inquiry This post contains videos

Joan Burton to banking inquiry – “We would have let Anglo fail”

Labour’s current leader and former leader were in front of the banking inquiry this afternoon.

# joan-burton - Thursday 16 July, 2015

This clip of TDs shouting and roaring will make you glad they’ve gone on holidays

The Dáil has risen until 22 September. Thank God, says you…

‘We’ve a new Troika in town’: Joan doesn’t think much of the new party

The Tánaiste has been reacting to the launch of the Social Democrats yesterday.

# joan-burton - Wednesday 15 July, 2015

Do you know someone with a ‘secret’ gambling problem?

“Technology has had a profound impact on gambling,” according the authors of a new Irish study.

# joan-burton - Sunday 12 July, 2015

Social welfare screw-up left lone parent without child benefit

The parent’s benefit payments were stopped after a screw-up involving someone else’s PPS number.

# joan-burton - Thursday 9 July, 2015

Labour TD accused of ‘appalling duplicity’ over stance on lone parent cuts

Emmet Stagg said an “unintended consequence” of new rules will see thousands of people lose money.

# joan-burton - Monday 6 July, 2015

Pat Rabbitte will NOT be contesting the next general election

The former Labour leader and minister could not be drawn on the issue recently.

# joan-burton - Sunday 5 July, 2015

Ireland’s next Taoiseach, ranked from most to least likely

Enda Kenny is in the hotseat now, but how likely is that to be the case after the next election.

# joan-burton - Thursday 2 July, 2015

Joan Burton compared to Margaret Thatcher (again)

But the lady is not for turning on the cut to the one-parent family payment.

Lone parent with a child over 7? The government wants you to get working

Tánaiste Joan Burton said if parents can’t get extra hours, the department will be able to help.

# joan-burton - Wednesday 1 July, 2015

Pat Rabbitte’s face doesn’t always reflect his inner happiness

The former minister reflected on his departure from cabinet in a wide-ranging interview with today.

# joan-burton - Tuesday 30 June, 2015

Mary Lou and Joan just had ANOTHER showdown in the Dáil

McDonald accused Burton of being “anti-women”, who in turn said Sinn Féin has no serious policies.

# joan-burton - Sunday 28 June, 2015

Labour and Sinn Féin want to repeal the 8th, but not everyone is on the same page

Will people lose the party whip over the highly emotive issue?

# joan-burton - Friday 26 June, 2015

‘Jobstown was one of the most traumatic things I’ve ever experienced as a politician’ On Reflection This post contains videos

‘Jobstown was one of the most traumatic things I’ve ever experienced as a politician’

Katherine Zappone has spoken about the controversial protest in Tallaght last November.

# joan-burton - Thursday 25 June, 2015

Mary Lou says Joan Burton is ‘giving two fingers’ to the public

The Tánaiste’s own comments came back to haunt her today.

# joan-burton - Wednesday 24 June, 2015

Joan slams social welfare fraudsters for ‘giving two fingers to their neighbours’

Tens of millions of euro are overpaid each year.

# joan-burton - Saturday 20 June, 2015

Revealed: Here’s how much it will cost Joan to administer that Irish Water grant

The cost of organising and overseeing the payments was the subject of much debate back in January. Here’s the figure…

# joan-burton - Wednesday 17 June, 2015

Gerry Adams is winning at Twitter

But Sinn Féin voters are least likely to use the site.

# joan-burton - Friday 12 June, 2015

Joan needs new computers for the water grant… €630k more

Giving out money doesn’t come cheap.

# joan-burton - Thursday 11 June, 2015

‘You’re usually a bit more pleasant’: Joan and Mary Lou clashed AGAIN today Dáil Scenes This post contains videos

‘You’re usually a bit more pleasant’: Joan and Mary Lou clashed AGAIN today

A brief but telling exchange during the Order of Business this afternoon.

# joan-burton - Wednesday 10 June, 2015

A woman was asked to pay the Dept. of Social Protection €105,000 after her mother died…

The woman’s mother, who suffered from mental health problems, passed away in 2012.

# joan-burton - Thursday 4 June, 2015

Joan Burton: Labour will be returned to power

The Tánaiste said “things would have been done differently” if the party wasn’t in government with Fine Gael.

# joan-burton - Wednesday 3 June, 2015

Labour’s latest social media campaign isn’t going well

Joan Burton launched #talktojoan today.

# joan-burton - Sunday 31 May, 2015

After Averil’s shock departure, how do other parties shape up in terms of women?

We spoke to all of the main parties about reaching the 30% gender quota.

# joan-burton - Wednesday 27 May, 2015

€10m in child benefit was paid to people not entitled to it

The Department of Social Protection says it aims to minimise risks of fraud and eliminate incorrect payments.

# joan-burton - Tuesday 26 May, 2015

Enda: There won’t be a referendum on repealing the 8th amendment

The Taoiseach said the next government will have to give the issue “the most careful consideration”.

# joan-burton - Monday 25 May, 2015

Should the government call a cheeky election right now?

Analysis: The coalition could capitalise on the feel-good factor following the passage of the same-sex marriage referendum.

From Business ETC Forcing people to pay for their own retirement will ‘put many jobs and businesses at risk’ Pensioned Off

Forcing people to pay for their own retirement will ‘put many jobs and businesses at risk’

The government wants a universal pension system – but not everyone thinks that’s a good idea.

Is Labour going nowhere under Joan Burton? We asked her… Labour Pains This post contains videos

Is Labour going nowhere under Joan Burton? We asked her…

The junior coalition partner is struggling in the polls. So what does the leader make of it all?

# joan-burton - Sunday 24 May, 2015

In the mood for another referendum? Labour wants to repeal the 8th amendment

The Tanaiste said if Labour makes it back into government next time around, she envisages that it will be on the programme for government.

How much has Joan Burton’s department spent on consultants?

It’s a bit tricky to arrive at an exact figure.

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