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Last month
January 2024
Hezbollah leader warns Israel against waging war on Lebanon as fears rise of wider conflict
Hamas’s number two Saleh al-Aruri was killed along with his bodyguards in the strike by Israel.
French President Emmanuel Macron urged Israel to "avoid any escalatory attitude".
Deputy head of Hamas killed in Israeli strike in Beirut
Last year
Five Hezbollah members accused of killing Private Séan Rooney
Under the shadow of Hezbollah: 'I'm not naïve, I know political assassins are rarely found'
Seven people charged in Lebanon over attack that killed Private Seán Rooney last month
All time
Two soldiers who received minor injuries in Lebanon convoy attack discharged from hospital
What is known so far about the death of Irish peacekeeper Seán Rooney in Lebanon
Large section of Beirut port silos collapses two years after explosion
Part of Beirut’s port silos collapse on second anniversary of massive explosion
Beirut port blast: Two-year quest for justice over warehouse explosion that killed 200 people
Beaches, black marketeers and migrant millionaires - the tragedy of Beirut
Six killed and dozens injured following clashes in Beirut
Mix of grief and rage as Lebanon marks one year since deadly Beirut blast
Man convicted of murder of two Irish soldiers in Lebanon in 1980
Hundreds march in Lebanon to mark year of protests
Huge fire breaks out at Beirut port a month after explosion
'Pulse' raises hope of survivor one month after Beirut blast
Lebanese diplomat appointed to form new government in crisis-hit country
Beirut blast: 'I heard BOOM as a pink mushroom cloud spread above me, eating the city alive'
Verdict due over assassination of former Lebanese prime minister amid fears of more violence
Lebanon's parliament approves two-week state of emergency in Beirut
Countries pledge €250m in aid for port blast to be delivered 'directly' to Lebanese people
'People want revenge': Heated protests in Beirut call for accountability after port blast kills 158
I knew of chemicals weeks before Beirut blast, says Lebanon’s president
Lebanon's president rejects global probe into port blast
Protesters clash with police on the streets of Beirut days after deadly explosion
Macron urges reform as Lebanese officials seek to shift blame over blast
Emergency aid arrives in Beirut as city reels from massive explosion
Opinion: 'Lebanon needs help - or the consequences for the Middle East don't bear thinking about'
Port officials under house arrest after explosion in Lebanon’s capital
Explainer: How Beirut explosions came at 'worst time possible' for a country in a 'dire situation'
'People just want to burst into tears': Beirut blast sends shockwaves through Lebanon
In pictures: The aftermath of the massive Beirut explosions
Trump says US generals 'feel' Beirut explosion was an 'attack', despite no evidence
Department of Foreign Affairs fielding 'a number of calls' from Irish citizens following Beirut blast
Ammonium nitrate: What is the chemical that has been blamed for the Beirut blast?
Rescuers work through the night as death toll rises following massive Beirut explosions
At least 73 dead and 3,700 wounded in Beirut blasts
'You're living in a jungle and you have to survive': The reality of life in a refugee camp
UK embassy worker found dead on the side of a motorway in Lebanon