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Last year
Man hospitalised after falling from bonfire in Derry on Friday night
Internment bonfire in Derry called off following 'fighting and anti-socal behaviour' last year
Poster of Taoiseach Leo Varadkar burned on loyalist bonfire in Tyrone
By yesterday evening, a banner reading “Good Friday Agreement? That ship has sailed” had been added to the side of the boat.
The bonfire was lit around 11pm following a parade and an address by loyalist activist Jamie Bryson.
UUP leader Doug Beattie said it is "not acceptable" and is "childish and promotes hate".
All time
'Heartbreaking': Bonfire dismantled after man fell to his death in Antrim
Dublin Fire Brigade dealing with 'huge increase' in callouts to bonfires compared to last year
Placing of poppy wreaths on bonfire condemned
Police in Belfast release images after 29 officers injured during bonfire removal
Dublin Fire Brigade is responding to a large number of fires across the city tonight
Firefighters come under attack whilst extinguishing bonfire in Dublin
Young man in critical condition after being stabbed near bonfire in Belfast
PSNI: Crowds 'cheered' as police officers fell injured in violent clashes over Belfast bonfire
Petrol bombs thrown at police during Eleventh Night in Belfast
DUP defends councillors who posed in front of tricolour-burning bonfire
600 tonnes of bonfire material recovered by Dublin City Council over Halloween
Six men arrested after 'vile' video shows Grenfell Tower effigy being burned at bonfire
Everything you need to know to keep yourself, your kids and your pets safe this Halloween
Bonfire in Northern Ireland featuring names of murdered police officers condemned
Poll: Would you report wood being stockpiled for bonfires?
Petrol bombs thrown at police at site of Derry bonfire
Police attacked in Belfast after removal of wood from nationalist bonfire site
Yesterday's 12th of July was the 'most peaceful for some years and a model for years to come'
Sinn Féin member reports hate crime after election posters placed on bonfire
Public warned about the dangers of illegal bonfires as Halloween approaches
MP warns people to not light bonfires with petrol after he suffers 30% burns in accident
Man who drove car into bonfire and attacked 3 gardaí gets partially suspended sentence
Gardaí investigating after Limerick firefighters attacked at bonfire
Poll: Should Irish laws on fireworks be loosened?
Why will lots of bonfires be lit across the country tonight?
"I'm not dampening all the fun, but parents need to be sensible" - Minister
See any piles of wood? Dublin City Council wants you to let them know
Unionists demand removal of Sinn Féin posters from bonfires
Stockpiling for Halloween bonfire causes city centre flat blaze
Paint bombs, bottles and a sword: PSNI officers attacked in Belfast
Man tries Harlem Shake, falls into bonfire
Fire service attends 500 incidents despite anti social behaviour
English town to burn Lance Armstrong effigy
PHOTOS: Giant bonfires built in Belfast ahead of 12 July