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Top comments of the week

Did you make the cut?

EVERY SATURDAY MORNING we take a look at all the best comments left on the site by our readers over the past seven days.

This week there was a lot of talk about Conor McGregor, Bertie Ahern and animal rescue centres.

The 5 most popular comments this week

332012-fianna-fail-ard-fheis-4-390x285 Former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern Source: RollingNews.ie

1. David Fitzgerald got 2,641 green thumbs for this comment on a story about a flight from New York to Las Vegas that was forced to turn around and land again at JFK International because of what’s believed to have been unruly Irish passengers on board:

How embarrassing. Stay home if you can’t control yourself.

2. Many of you weren’t happy with Bertie Ahern’s comments about  ‘Joe Soap and Mary Soap’ getting too many loans during the boom.

Some 1,923 of you agreed with Sheila Larkin, who wrote:

Says the man who, when he was finance minister, didn’t have a bank account. All very honest, eh?

3. Under the story about the Las Vegas-bound flight turning around, John Reese added:

Them lads won’t be going to Vegas…in fact it will be a night in the cells followed by a swift return back to Ireland.
They will never get into the US again either. Idiots.

His comment got 1,846 likes.

4.  Paul Mc Manus summed up Conor McGregor’s 13-second UFC defeat over Jose Aldo pretty well:

Woke up 5mins ago. Had a pee, fight over, back to bed.

He got 1,706 green thumbs for his effort.

5. Under an article about the London Film Critics Circle describing Irish actors as British, windbag got 1,378 likes for this comment:

I was talking to an American guy in a bar last week and he said to me “this is my first time here in the UK …..so I said “where are you from” and he said “Ohio” …. I said “I’ve never been to Canada” ….. And he said it’s not Canada and I stood up and said as loud as I could “this is not the UK”

The top 5 articles which received the most comments this week

ufc-194-mixed-martial-arts-16-390x285 Source: AP/Press Association Images

1. The daughter of a woman who refused medical treatment from Muslim doctors has defended her actions (419 comments)

2. Irish women have had almost 25,000 abortions in the UK in the last five years (389 comments)

3. Conor McGregor defeats Jose Aldo in just 13 seconds at UFC 194 (339 comments)

4. David Norris says people on social welfare shouldn’t be allowed to buy drink (311 comments)

5. Bertie says crisis caused by ‘Joe Soap and Mary Soap’ getting too many loans (278 comments)

Standout comments


During the week, our colleague Nicky wrote about his dog’s last trip to the vet. He spoke about the great work done by animal rescue shelters such as Madra in Galway, where his family got Hannah.

Chief commented:

Sorry for your loss Nicky, and any of the Journal staff that are close to Nicky tomorrow give that man a hug. Fair play to you.

Picked my lad up in the pound 3 years ago, we are at a stage now where we only need to use facial expressions and eye contact to communicate, he drags his bed to my bedroom every night, in the morning he drags its back up to the kitchen and sits and waits for his morning treat. Never had a dog like this before to be honest. I dunno if he is half human or if I’m half dog or what the craic is all I know I’d be well lost with him. Fair play to anyone that works with the rescue centres or places like that. I admire you like non other.

download (1) Source: Lorraine Dunne/OMGWACA
DailyEdge.ie compiled 11 of the most Irish Christmas things that have ever happened, under which catkins407 wrote:

My mother had a lovely nativity scene. The figures were a little mismatched but in general it was nice enough. It was though set off with a Robin that my mother had bought in a pound shop. The Robin was not to scale. It was fecking Godzilla Robin on top of the roof of the crib. The weird thing is even though she is gone 9 years now it’s not Christmas till Godzilla Robin is put on the crib. As an added twist thus year my sister decided to put out all the extra crib figures that had been amassed over the years. They fill the fireplace floor flag. It looks like a nativity Woodstock at the moment lol.

In keeping with the Christmas theme, Dáithí Ó Sé’s face was spotted on a baby Jesus in Sligo town.

download (2) Source: @doldebie

Pauric Tighe had this suggestion:

Bishops should intervene and upgrade to a grade two relic now for sure

Source: CARE Norway/YouTube

Under an article about a video in which an unborn girl asks her father to help stop rape culture, Amy Gaffney wrote:

There are so many good men out there and especially in this country, I’d hate for any of you to think that these videos and movements are directed at you rather than the minority of men who think it’s OK to manhandle a woman. My husband, brothers, father, uncles, friends would all never dream of doing it but that being said, there have been times when I’ve been on a night out and complete strangers have felt they were within their rights to “cop a feel” while I’ve been dancing or standing at the bar or even outside the nightclub while waiting on my husband. And when I rejected them I was called unsavoury names such as tramp or frigid etc etc.This is directed at them, not you. Thanks for being one of the many good ones :-)

Under our poll asking if you would vote for a politician who had been caught up in a corruption scandal, Fran Rooney made reference to a quote from an RTÉ sting involving politicians, writing:

Depends what’s in it for me I suppose

download (3) Source: RottenTomatoes

Finally, for the week that’s in it, here are some of the best Star Wars-related comments that you posted.

Pepper wrote:

I actually did take Luke as my confirmation name, and I’m glad I realised in around that time that star wars was far more realistic than confirmation and catholicism too. Two birds with one stone.

james commented:

Luke kissing his sister was a worse reveal than the crying game. Hoping to see Jar Jar Binks whole planet destroyed in this film.

And paulm added:

When my son was being born, my wife was on the oxygen as the epidural had ran out. We at the time didn’t know if it was a boy or a girl but we had names picked for either. Anyways, after much heavy breathing through the oxygen mask (darth vader like) my wife gave birth to a baby boy Luke…to which I said ‘Luke I am your father’.. Wife killed me with a death stare..

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