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Gas restored in Mayo and Galway as probe launched into Shell Corrib breach
Smart meters to be rolled out across Ireland in 2019 - a year later than anticipated
Energy regulator proposes to increase levy on electricity bills by 36%
Some businesses to get discount on water charges
You have to be registered with Irish Water before it will fix a leak
Your electricity bills are going to get more expensive in a couple of years
Those reduced water charges the government promised have been approved
'Massive time bomb': Public safety at risk as 'thousands' of boilers illegally installed each year
Kildare man fined €3,000 for pretending to be a registered electrician
Clare Daly will get a plumber to increase her water pressure if the Government reduces it
Now you won't be getting your first water bill until the end of January
Water bills could be delayed as energy regulator looks at deadline
A final decision on water charges is expected later today
More than 1,000 customers had their electricity or gas cut off in June
Irish Water: It's not fair to compare us to 25-year-old UK utilities
More than 1500 properties had their electricity or gas cut off in April
From July, Bord Gáis will no longer have to apply to set their own prices
Engage with your energy supplier and you won't be cut off
Over 15,000 gas and electricity customers were cut-off for not paying in 2013
We'll find out how much we have to pay for water in August - and some of us could pay less
Water charges will be announced ‘in or around August’
Rise in Bord Gáis Energy Index for second consecutive month blamed on Syria
Airtricity to increase gas prices from October, MD says it is "unavoidable"
First Bord Gáis, now Electric Ireland: Gas prices to rise by 35 cent per week
Bord Gáis prices set to rise - again - next month
Bord Gáis seeking 7 per cent price hike from October
No water charge prices until at least the end of the year
Confirmed: Troika agrees to delay water charges until 2015
You'll be charged for your water from October 2014 (if the Troika agree)
Electricity customer accidentally billed for second property for seven years
More than 5,800 homes lost gas or electricity connection because of non-payment
357pc increase in gas disconnections in 15 months – regulator
Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week - here's what you need to know
Explainer: Why energy prices are rising and what you can do to save money
Role of energy regulator questioned after Bord Gáis price hike
Bord Gáis gas bills to rise by 8.5pc from October
Number of people having gas and electricity cut off has tripled
Bord Gáis planning 7.54 per cent price hike
Gas prices likely to rise but too early to say by how much - Bord Gáis
Regulator announces €3million fines for fracking safety breaches