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January 2024
Ex-Scottish PM Nicola Sturgeon called Boris Johnson a 'f**king clown', UK Covid inquiry hears
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Nicola Sturgeon pledges rent freeze to tackle ‘humanitarian emergency’
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Sturgeon: Truss will be a disaster as PM if she governs how she has campaigned
Boris Johnson only PM I’ve worked with who has disgraced the office – Sturgeon
Sturgeon says Truss asked her about how to get into Vogue magazine
SNP to apply to intervene in Supreme Court indyref2 case
Sturgeon: Independence is ‘essential’ as UK faces 'shift to the right' under new PM
Future Scottish independence referendum ‘should be put to all four UK nations’
‘No further action’ to be taken over Nicola Sturgeon’s face mask breach
Nicola Sturgeon reported to police over apparent face mask law breach
Scotland 'stands ready' to take in 3,000 Ukrainian refugees immediately, says Nicola Sturgeon
Nicola Sturgeon issues formal apology to thousands of women executed as witches
Omicron cases in Scotland increase to 29 with Steps concert the source of six cases
Celtic ‘astonishingly treated’ by government over Covid-19
No 10 trying to cut Nicola Sturgeon out of COP26 summit, leaked messages say
Scotland to move to lowest level of Covid restrictions on Monday
'I can't unhear this': Plan to have UK schoolchildren sing on national day of patriotism branded a 'spoof'
Scotland pauses easing of restrictions as third wave anticipated
Sturgeon makes fresh pledge on independence referendum as she's re-elected as Scotland's first minister
Sturgeon tells Johnson it is ‘when not if’ for a second Scottish independence vote
Majority for Scottish National Party still uncalled, but Nicola Sturgeon 'almost certain' of win
Nicola Sturgeon calls ex-deputy leader of Britain First ‘racist’ in tense confrontation