This year
Gardaí appeal for witnesses into potential 'badger baiting' in Limerick
Last year
More than 40 people were brought to court over alleged wildlife crimes this year
24 white-tailed eagle chicks released in Ireland this month
‘The future of agriculture’: 200 endangered natterjack toadlets released today in Co Kerry
Transparency concerns as no hearings held at nature sites Appeals Board in almost two years
Tracking project aims to solve mystery of where Irish cuckoos migrate to in winter months
Conservationists welcome hatching of five new white-tailed eagle chicks in Clare
Fire crews return to Co Wexford nature reserve after blaze that burned through two acres of forest
State to acquire almost 1,000 hectares of upland habitat close to the ‘Stairway to Heaven’
150 years after they became extinct in Ireland, ospreys to be reintroduced this summer
Osprey birds expected to be reintroduced to Irish skies this summer
Two men receive criminal convictions related to the killing of rooks
Ireland fares worst at managing protected nature sites in new EU report
All time
Over the Hill: Persistent overgrazing causing 'devastation' in vulnerable habitats
EPA to investigate complaint about State response to peat extraction on protected bogs
Wildlife service set to hire champions to aid with the conservation of curlews
Peat was cut at 280 plots in protected bogs last year without State consent
Rare hen harrier numbers plummet as plan to protect species pushed back
Crackdown sees 50 cases launched against illegal hedge cutting this year
A win for farming, a win for nature: scheming for sustainability
Commission raps Ireland for 'persistently failing' to manage protected nature sites
Funding failure: Most of Ireland's biodiversity spend goes on schemes that have little impact
Loss of Ireland's biodiversity is accelerating - and we're missing the chance to halt it
23 white-tailed eagles arrive in Kerry Airport as part of wildlife reintroduction project
State issues licences to salmon farms to cull protected seals, documents reveal
Hunt continues in mountainous area of Kerry for missing wild boar
Parks service to rewet Wicklow Mountain bogs to increase Dublin water supply levels
3,000 kilometres cut in three years: Ireland's hedgerow heritage at risk
Appeal for information after buzzard found shot dead on roadside in Co Laois
Wildlife service investigates reports of 'beheaded' seals on Kerry beach
Ten white-tailed eagles flown in from Norway to help bolster Irish population
Drones to be deployed to assist firefighters tackling forest fires over coming months
The Lambay black rat is now the only 'threatened' terrestrial mammal species in Ireland
Suspension of hare coursing licences lifted in areas not affected by deadly virus
Five people fined for illegally hunting a hare in Co Mayo
Minister suspends hare coursing licences after deadly rabbit disease discovered in the wild
Two men convicted of illegally hunting hares in case brought by National Parks and Wildlife Service
Man convicted and fined for chopping down hedges during bird nesting season
Warning issued over 'severe and increasing' threat to native crayfish species
Investigation into deaths of two protected falcons found in Wexford quarry