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# troops - Wednesday 23 April, 2014

Ukraine revives offensive against rebels while US sends 'reassuring' troops

Pro-Moscow insurgents are also currently holding two journalists.

# troops - Tuesday 1 April, 2014

Are Russian troops withdrawing from the Ukrainian border? Not as far as NATO can see

Ukraine reported yesterday that troops had started leaving the area.

# troops - Monday 31 March, 2014

Watch: Irish troops return home from their six-month tour of duty in Syria Defence Forces This post contains videos

Watch: Irish troops return home from their six-month tour of duty in Syria

A couple even got to meet their newborns for the first time.

# troops - Monday 24 March, 2014

Outnumbered: Ukrainian troops withdraw from Crimea

Assaults on Ukrainian military bases in the region continued today.

# troops - Saturday 1 March, 2014

Putin seeks parliament approval for the use of Russian troops in Ukraine

In a statement he requested that Russian armed forces be used on Ukrainian territory ‘until the normalisation of the political situation’.

# troops - Sunday 15 December, 2013

Shatter: No indications Irish troops in Syria are a target

The Minister for Defence said we must accept we are putting troops in harm’s way when we deploy them to these types of operations.

# troops - Friday 13 December, 2013

Defence Forces to begin general service recruiting early next year --- Shatter

The new staff will be hired in order to keep the personnel level above the ‘agreed stabilised strength’ of 9,500.

# troops - Thursday 5 December, 2013

France to double the number of troops in Central African Republic

President Francois Hollande promised that the 600 hundred troops in the country will be doubled “within a few days, even a few hours”.

# troops - Tuesday 26 November, 2013

France to deploy 1,000 troops to Central African Republic as situation worsens

The Prime Minister of Central African Republic said “serious war crimes” are being committed in his country.

# troops - Monday 30 September, 2013

Explainer: What are Irish troops doing in Syria?

115 Irish Defence Forces personnel have now arrived at their new base. Why were they sent there? How long is the mission? How will they spend their downtime? Your questions, answered.

# troops - Monday 23 September, 2013

Kenyan troops "in control" of Westgate Mall

The three-day siege at the upmarket Nairobi mall is nearing an end, the country’s Interior Ministry says.

# troops - Monday 9 September, 2013

Bloody Sunday colonel killed by robbers in Kenya

Edward Loden commanded a Parachute Regiment unit that opened fire on civilians on Bloody Sunday in 1972.

# troops - Wednesday 4 September, 2013

UN delays Irish troops heading to the Golan Heights by three weeks

Commandant Denis Hanly said the United Nations requested the troops to be delayed “for administration reasons”.

# troops - Tuesday 3 September, 2013

Shatter to review troops ahead of Syria deployment

The 115 members of the 43rd Infantary Group will head out to the Golan Heights to take part in a UN mission in the coming days.

# troops - Wednesday 22 May, 2013

Mexican troops occupy towns amid war between vigilantes and drug cartels

Communities mistrustful of state authorities have been creating their own vigilante forces for protection against the cartels.

# troops - Tuesday 9 April, 2013

France withdraws first batch of soldiers from Mali

The country will gradually pull its soldiers out of the country, leaving a permanent 1,000 strong-force to fight terrorism.

# troops - Wednesday 30 January, 2013

French troops at gates of last major city in northern Mali

French troops landed at the airport in Kidal, a senior Tuareg figure confirmed.

# troops - Friday 11 January, 2013

Drop in troop flights contributes to decline in Shannon passenger numbers

It was a difficult year for the airport, but 2013 will “mark the turning point” for recovery, a spokesperson said.

# troops - Wednesday 3 October, 2012

Nigerian troops swarm after 40 killed in student massacre

Last week in Mubi, Nigeria’s military conducted a high-profile raid targeting an extremist group, killing a senior figure and arresting 156 suspected members.

# troops - Friday 21 September, 2012

After 3 years, the last US surge troops leave Afghanistan

President Barack Obama had ordered the surge in 2009 in a bid to deal with increasing tensions in Afghanistan.

# troops - Tuesday 17 July, 2012

Reports that Defence Forces troops to be cut are 'speculation'

It was reported today that 500 troops are to be cut from the Defence Forces – but this has been denied.

# troops - Sunday 15 July, 2012

Japan: Troops fly supplies to people cut off after floods

Some 3,500 people have been cut off in mountainous areas due to landslides and fallen trees following unprecedented rain.

# troops - Friday 25 May, 2012

Francois Hollande makes surprise trip to Afghanistan over troop pullout

Francois Hollande makes surprise trip to Afghanistan over troop pullout

The French president told troops in Afghanistan that the French exit from Afghanistan is imminent.

# troops - Monday 21 May, 2012

Nato exit strategy from Afghanistan to start mid-2013

US President Barack Obama espite said that France’s decision to withdraw troops early would not affect Nato’s mission in Afghanistan.

# troops - Tuesday 17 April, 2012

Australia to withdraw troops from Afghanistan one year early

Prime Minister’s announcement comes weeks before NATO summit in Chicago.

# troops - Tuesday 3 April, 2012

Syria agrees April 10 deadline to pull troops out

UN envoy Kofi Annan makes progress amid reports that a high-profile Syrian activist is being detained and tortured.

# troops - Monday 19 March, 2012

Syrian troops and gunmen clash in Damascus

The clashes follow Saturday’s car bombings, which killed 27 people. Three strong explosions were reported in Damascus last night.

# troops - Thursday 8 March, 2012

Six British soldiers killed in Afghanistan

This brings the number of UK personnel killed in Afghanistan conflict to 400. But UK Defence Secretary Philip Hammond said that morale remains high.

# troops - Thursday 1 March, 2012

UN humanitarian envoy refused entry to Syria

Meanwhile, Syria’s main opposition group formed a military council and Britain has closed its embassy in the country and withdrawn all diplomatic staff.

# troops - Tuesday 31 January, 2012

UN to hold key talks on resolution demanding Assad steps aside

The move comes as Syrian troops push further into Damascus suburbs, crushing pockets of resistance.

# troops - Sunday 18 December, 2011

Elation as final US troops roll out of Iraq

The last American soldiers whooped and hugged as they crossed the border into neighbouring Kuwait.

# troops - Saturday 29 October, 2011

Thirteen NATO troops and four civilians killed in Kabul blast

The 13 soldiers killed were all American troops. The Taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack.

# troops - Friday 21 October, 2011

Obama: All US troops will leave Iraq by end of the year

The US president has declared an end to the Iraq war, with only security guards to remain in the country.

# troops - Saturday 24 September, 2011

Rebels push into Gaddafi hometown of Sirte as loyalists fight on

Meanwhile, the National Transitional Council says it will announce a new interim government next week.

# troops - Sunday 26 June, 2011

The Daily Fix: Sunday The Daily Fix This post contains images

The Daily Fix: Sunday

In this evening’s fix: DAA board backs down, shock death at Glastonbury, cringey MySpace pages and the only slideshow you’ll ever need to see…swamp soccer!

# troops - Thursday 12 May, 2011

David Cameron at loggerheads with military chiefs over Afghanistan troop withdrawals

British Prime Minister wants solders brought home from Afghanistan, but there is worry that his motivation is political rather than strategic.

# troops - Monday 2 August, 2010

US PRESIDENT Barack Obama has said that 90,000 combat troops will be withdrawn from Iraq this month, on schedule.

The winding down of the war in Iraq is a personal goal for Obama, as he vowed to begin withdrawing troops from the region upon entering office.

Some 50,000 American troops will remain in the country to continue to train Iraqi security forces and conduct anti-terrorism operations.

The Huffington Post reports that Obama had originally promised to withdraw up to two brigades a month after entering office, with a view to fully withdrawing within 16 months. This was later extended to 19 months.

US forces will withdraw entirely within the next year, as originally planned by previous president George W Bush.

Speaking to the Disabled American Veterans convention in Atlanta, Obama said: “As a candidate for president, I pledged to bring the war in Iraq to a responsible end. Shortly after taking office, I announced our new strategy for Iraq and for a transition to full Iraqi responsibility. I made it clear that by August 31, America’s combat mission in Iraq would end. And that is exactly what we are doing – as promised and on schedule.”

Despite the reduction in combatants in Iraq, there are still great challenges to be overcome before the country is stablised. It has been more than seven years since American forces invaded – yet efforts to form a new Iraqi government have failed at every turn.

Fundamental cultural and political differences have made it hard for Sunni, Shia and Kurdish leaders to agree on a candidate for Iraq’s prime minister, which is necessary in order to continue with the formation of a new Iraqi government.

The delay is beginning to fray nerves, as a similar delay following the 2005 elections led to a significant surge in terrorist activity in the country.

Meanwhile, as troops begin to withdraw from Iraq even more are being deployed to Afghanistan; a total of 30,000 additional troops have been marked for that war since Obama took office.

Obama adressed the issue of the Afghan war during his speech, insisting that it was on the right track:

“We face huge challenges in Afghanistan,” he said, “But it’s important that the American people know that we are making progress and we’re focused on goals that are clear and achievable.”

Watch the full address below, parts 0ne to three: