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Dublin: 10 °C Saturday 30 April, 2016

#Enda Kenny

# enda-kenny - Sunday 24 April, 2016

It's 100 years to the day since the Easter Rising began

Events were taking place around the country.

# enda-kenny - Saturday 23 April, 2016

Enda and Micheál had 'good discussion' but water charges still divide parties

Formal talks will resume Monday but the leaders will be keeping in touch over the weekend.

# enda-kenny - Thursday 14 April, 2016

WTF is a minority government? And other important questions

There are many options flying around, but what do they all mean?

# enda-kenny - Thursday 7 April, 2016

Over before it even started: Enda and Micheál's brief meeting ends with no plans for government

Fianna Fáil is prepared to support a Fine Gael minority government, Micheál Martin said.

No deal: Fianna Fáil TDs overwhelmingly against partnership with Fine Gael

Meanwhile, Fine Gael has endorsed Enda Kenny’s decision to offer the old enemy a partnership government.

Poll: Do you think Fianna Fáil should take Fine Gael up on its offer of government? Your Say This post contains a poll

Poll: Do you think Fianna Fáil should take Fine Gael up on its offer of government?

It’s now 41 days since the country voted in the 2016 general election.

# enda-kenny - Wednesday 6 April, 2016

Enda Kenny offers Micheál Martin a full partnership government as leaders finally talk

The meeting between Enda Kenny and Micheál Martin began at 8.30pm.

Gerry Adams lashes out at "charade" of voting for a Taoiseach who can't be elected

It has been more than 40 days since the country went to the polls.

# enda-kenny - Sunday 3 April, 2016

New poll shows more than twice as many people want Martin as Taoiseach over Kenny

The poll also found that only 54% of Fine Gael voters want Kenny elected Taoiseach.

# enda-kenny - Friday 1 April, 2016

Enda and Micheál need to stop “pussyfooting” and talk properly – Fitzmaurice

Meanwhile, TDs have been told a fresh election would cost some €40 million.

The curious case of two leaders, one phone call and a big row

Enda Kenny and Micheál Martin had a four-minute phone conversation that sparked a big dispute between Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil yesterday.

# enda-kenny - Thursday 31 March, 2016

After 33 days, is there any sign of a new government?

Analysis: Despite today’s phone call, the ‘elephant in the room’ continues to loom large.

Enda and Micheál finally speak on the phone – but there’s confusion over who said what

Micheál Martin phoned Enda Kenny before lunchtime today – but what was said is the subject of some dispute.

# enda-kenny - Wednesday 23 March, 2016

As the wait goes on, Enda is told to pick up the phone to Fianna Fáil

Fine Gael is pursuing a minority government with independents and smaller parties.

# enda-kenny - Tuesday 22 March, 2016

The Neverending Story: The big two are still trying to cobble together a government

There has been a bit of movement from all parties in Leinster House this afternoon.

# enda-kenny - Thursday 17 March, 2016

Enda Kenny has had a ‘very good and very constructive’ talk with the Green Party

The Taoiseach made the comments at an EU leaders’ summit in Brussels today.

# enda-kenny - Wednesday 16 March, 2016

Sliced bread, crisps, and cufflinks: The gifts that Enda gave the Obamas

A special Bord Bia hamper, a book on 1916 and, of course, the bowl of shamrock were among the gifts presented at the White House yesterday.

“Bejaysus it’s a pity I have to go back to Ireland” – Enda shares his woes in Washington

After a day of glad-handing, the caretaker Taoiseach told a US audience (tongue-in-cheek) he wasn’t looking forward to leaving.

The Fianna Fáil surge: How this new TD upset the odds in Enda’s backyard

Lisa Chambers told us how she took a second seat for Fianna Fáil in Mayo and what she thinks of a coalition with Fine Gael.

# enda-kenny - Tuesday 15 March, 2016

Joe Biden thinks Enda Kenny would get 80% of the vote if he ran in America

The US vice president reckons the caretaker Taoiseach has done “a hell of a job”.

# enda-kenny - Friday 11 March, 2016

In full: Here’s where our ministers are going for St Patrick’s Day

There are far fewer trips this year than before.

Enda’s St Patrick’s trip to the US has been cut to just one day

He’ll still hand over the bowl of shamrock.

# enda-kenny - Thursday 10 March, 2016

No Taoiseach, no government: Enda resigns but will stay as a caretaker

TDs have failed to elect a Taoiseach for the 32nd Dáil.

# enda-kenny - Tuesday 8 March, 2016

Gerry wants to be Taoiseach, but Enda is meeting everybody so that he gets to rule the roost

The dance of those who would be in government continued apace today.

Michael Noonan ‘presumes’ talks with Fianna Fáil will begin after Thursday

It’s the first time a senior Fine Gael minister has openly discussed negotiations with Fianna Fáil.

# enda-kenny - Monday 7 March, 2016

Shane Ross doesn’t regret saying the Taoiseach could be a ‘political corpse’

The Independent Alliance met with the Fianna Fáil leader today, but Ross’s Sunday Independent column has caused controversy.

Enda admits he won’t be re-elected Taoiseach on Thursday

The Fine Gael leader will officially become a caretaker Taoiseach after Thursday’s Dáil vote.

# enda-kenny - Sunday 6 March, 2016

Poll: Would you be happy with Enda Kenny remaining as Taoiseach? Your Say This post contains a poll

Poll: Would you be happy with Enda Kenny remaining as Taoiseach?

The Fine Gael leader will need to form a government to try to secure his future as leader of his party.

# enda-kenny - Friday 4 March, 2016

A lot more people want Micheál Martin to be our next Taoiseach than they do Enda Kenny

Rather worryingly, some of those polled would like Kanye West to be Taoiseach. Come on people, he’s not even Irish…

Leo responds to Alan Shatter’s dig, says he’s ‘charming as always’

“We won’t just stay in government for the sake of it, we won’t be clinging to power.”

# enda-kenny - Thursday 3 March, 2016

Noonan predicts another election, as Fine Gael discusses its poll battering The Post Mortem This post contains videos

Noonan predicts another election, as Fine Gael discusses its poll battering

Meanwhile, Simon Coveney apologised to his Fine Gael colleagues at Leinster House today.

# enda-kenny - Wednesday 2 March, 2016

Hey Enda, the recovery kept on going…

New exchequer returns show 7.1% growth in tax returns on the same period as last year.

After repeatedly ruling them out, Enda now says Fine Gael will talk to Fianna Fáil

The Taoiseach said all the options for forming a government are difficult after a ‘bruising’ election for his party.

We put Leo in charge of communications, God help us – Shatter

The former TD insists he’s not “out to get” anybody, but he’s warning another election is likely in the next 18 months.

# enda-kenny - Tuesday 1 March, 2016

Enda breaks his silence, says Fine Gael will ‘play part in providing a government’

The Taoiseach says that his party looks forward to engaging with other parties and groupings.

# enda-kenny - Monday 29 February, 2016

The next Taoiseach: The people want Micheál over Enda – but a lot want neither

A new poll conducted in the aftermath of the election, has some fascinating findings.

After voters rejected him, can Enda Kenny survive?

Analysis: The Taoiseach remains the Taoiseach for now, but his position as Fine Gael leader will come under scrutiny in the coming weeks.

They said – the general election count quotes of the weekend

Lots of politicians had lots to say today as you might imagine, and not all of it was nice.

# enda-kenny - Sunday 28 February, 2016

‘Up Fianna Fáil, we’re back!’: How the party reclaimed ‘Fine Gael country’ A Weekend In Mayo This post contains videos

‘Up Fianna Fáil, we’re back!’: How the party reclaimed ‘Fine Gael country’

The recovery that happened wasn’t the one Fine Gael had in mind.

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