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Dublin: 15 °C Tuesday 16 September, 2014


# protests - Sunday 7 September, 2014

Kilkenny bridge controversy due back before court on Wednesday

The bridge at Green’s Bridge has been the site of protests in recent months.

# protests - Tuesday 19 August, 2014

Opinion: The protesters in Missouri have wrongly become enemies of the State

Blurring the boundary between law enforcement and military action creates the conditions for a military dictatorship.

# protests - Monday 18 August, 2014

Greyhound welcomes initiative to seek legally binding pay rates for bin workers

SIPTU workers at Greyhound have been protesting about cuts since June 17.

# protests - Saturday 16 August, 2014

Why are people protesting against a bridge being built in Kilkenny?

The protests have been going on for five weeks.

# protests - Friday 15 August, 2014

“Appalled”: Two asylum seekers transferred after protests at Direct Provision centre

The protest took place outside a centre in Foynes yesterday.

# protests - Tuesday 5 August, 2014

From The Score ‘I just don’t agree with what’s happening’ – Gordon D’Arcy’s support for Gaza Protests

‘I just don’t agree with what’s happening’ – Gordon D’Arcy’s support for Gaza

The international centre wants Ireland to show solidarity with the people of Gaza.

# protests - Saturday 2 August, 2014

From The Score Snapshot: Gordon D’Arcy among those in attendance at Gaza protests in Dublin Support

Snapshot: Gordon D’Arcy among those in attendance at Gaza protests in Dublin

Ex-rugby player Trevor Hogan is also affiliated with the movement.

# protests - Friday 25 July, 2014

“We didn’t think it was appropriate.”- Charlie Flanagan defends Ireland’s abstention on Gaza vote

He will speak to the Israeli Ambassador but stressed that Israel has a right to defend itself.

# protests - Friday 18 July, 2014

Protest over Kilkenny bridge grows from ‘a dozen to hundreds of people’

This morning gardaí cordoned off the roads to escort machinery into the site.

# protests - Monday 7 July, 2014

From The Score ‘F**k FIFA’ – Brazilians protest at World Cup costs as Silva awaits redemption Letter From Brazil

‘F**k FIFA’ – Brazilians protest at World Cup costs as Silva awaits redemption

Mikey Stafford reports from Rio, where the real fans cannot afford to attend matches in the flesh.

# protests - Saturday 5 July, 2014

Palestinian teen ‘burned alive’, post-mortem suggests

Mohammed Abu Khdeir was buried on Friday at a funeral attended by thousands of people.

# protests - Saturday 28 June, 2014

Aaron McKenna: Protesting outside politicians’ homes cheapens your argument

Politicians do not deserve to be deliberately intimidated, which is essentially what protesting at a person’s house is designed to do.

# protests - Tuesday 24 June, 2014

‘Scandalous’: One TD does not want gardaí at water meter protests

Joe Higgins said that their presence at peaceful protests could lead to slower response times to other crimes.

# protests - Saturday 7 June, 2014

With five days to go, police fire tear gas at striking train workers in Brazil

There were scuffles in Sao Paulo while demonstrators blocked the streets and the national team was booed.

# protests - Saturday 24 May, 2014

Thailand’s coup leaders to hold ousted government to give them “time to think”

Thailand’s fragile democracy has been repeatedly stunted by 19 actual or attempted coups since 1932.

# protests - Friday 23 May, 2014

‘Shell can celebrate all they want, but the fight is by no means over’

The newly constructed tunnel has been mired in controversy as it will house the onshore section of the Corrib gas pipeline.

# protests - Saturday 10 May, 2014

Aaron McKenna: Paying any new tax is galling, but water needs to be paid for

The more we pay for water, perhaps the more we’ll think about how we use it, writes Aaron McKenna.

# protests - Friday 2 May, 2014

May Day protests in Turkey turn violent with 90 injuries and 142 arrests

Meanwhile in Moscow, over 100,000 turned out to voice their support for Vladimir Putin.

# protests - Monday 21 April, 2014

Chinese asked to fight for democracy as they remember Tiananmen Square

A new museum dedicated to the events of June 1989 will open in Hong Kong this week.

# protests - Thursday 27 March, 2014

From Business ETC BAI says that Bryan Dobson wasn’t being biased when he called protestors ‘idiots’ Fair And Balanced This post contains videos

BAI says that Bryan Dobson wasn’t being biased when he called protestors ‘idiots’

The BAI did acknowledged that Dobson “could have handled the situation in a better manner”.

# protests - Friday 7 March, 2014

Three charged over protests outside European People’s Party congress

The protests took place last night, and four gardaí were injured during the scuffles.

# protests - Saturday 1 March, 2014

Russia approves use of military in Ukraine

British Foreign Secretary William Hague condemned the decision stating that it is potentially grave threat to the sovereignty.

Students hit with water cannons and tear gas in Venezuela protests

Foreign journalists were among 41 arrested as clashes intensified in the capital Caracas.

# protests - Tuesday 25 February, 2014

Students gear up for new rally in Venezuela

The Venezuelan government is set to name its ambassador to Washington today.

# protests - Sunday 23 February, 2014

Fears of further political violence mount after two die in Bangkok grenade attack

It comes a day after dozens were injured in an attack at an anti-government rally.

Ousted Ukrainian President tried to flee but was stopped by border guards

Viktor Yanukovych’s plane was from leaving the country as Yulia Tymoshenko announces a bid for the presidency.

# protests - Saturday 22 February, 2014

Ukraine parliament votes to oust president

A motion to remove Yanukovych received 328 votes in the 450-seat parliament

Orange Revolution leader freed from prison as president leaves Kiev

Yulia Tymoshenko spearheaded Ukraine’s pro-democracy 2004 Orange Revolution.

# protests - Friday 21 February, 2014

Man allegedly ‘raped with gun’ after arrest in Venezuela protests

The death toll has risen to eight with 137 wounded and more than 100 people detained in the protests.

# protests - Thursday 20 February, 2014

Before and After: Pics of Kiev’s Independence Square City Burning This post contains images

Before and After: Pics of Kiev’s Independence Square

At least 26 people died during violence in the Ukranian city this morning.

# protests - Wednesday 19 February, 2014

At least 25 dead as Ukraine president blames protesters

Another 241 people have been hospitalised in fierce clashes between police and anti-government protesters in Kiev.

# protests - Monday 17 February, 2014

300 taxi drivers protest in Dublin city over ads, parking and too many taxis

They said that they are concerned about the affects that the taxi regulations are having on their livelihood.

# protests - Friday 14 February, 2014

UN calls for action over deaths in Venezuelan protests

Three have died and dozens more injured in anti-government protests this week.

# protests - Wednesday 5 February, 2014

Gay rights student protest takes place at Russian Embassy in Dublin

Last year, Russia banned the promotion and providing of information on homosexuality to under 18-year-olds.

# protests - Friday 31 January, 2014

Ukranian activist says he was tortured and crucified

Thirty-five-year-old Dmytro Bulatov appeared on national television today, more than a week after being reported missing.

# protests - Wednesday 29 January, 2014

Ukraine could be on the verge of civil war

“It is a revolution”, a former president warned the country’s parliament today, as they prepare to debate an amnesty for jailed protesters.

# protests - Sunday 26 January, 2014

Kiev protesters seize police base after opposition leaders reject offer

‘Euromaiden’ demonstrators seized the building in an early morning raid as fresh clashes erupted in the Ukrainian capital.

# protests - Saturday 25 January, 2014

Another fatality in Kiev protests as minister warns peace efforts ‘futile’

Protesters in Kiev are warning the conflict will escalate if President Viktor Yanukovych uses force to end the demonstrations.

# protests - Thursday 23 January, 2014

‘If it’s a bullet to the head, it’s a bullet to the head’ says Ukrainian opposition leader

Ukrainian opposition leaders have issued an ultimatum to President Viktor Yanukovych after talks failure.

# protests - Wednesday 22 January, 2014

State of emergency declared in Bangkok as protests continue

As many as 5,000 protestors were gathered across five really points this morning.

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