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'A warrior for love, life and liberation': Tom Meagher's tribute to Jill on 10-year wedding anniversary
Jill Meagher murderer 'stabbed with fork' inside Australian prison
Jill Meagher murderer has sentence cut by three years
Coroner in Australia says Jill Meagher's murder was preventable
The man who raped and killed Jill Meagher is appealing for his jail time to be cut
The man who raped and killed Jill Meagher is fighting to have his jail time cut
Sex workers have asked Jill Meagher's husband to drop his support for an anti-sex trade group
Tom Meagher says he cried for hours when he heard what happened to Karen Buckley
Graham Dwyer highlights the danger of thinking a 'type' of person commits sexual crimes
Church sorry priest said Jill Meagher would be alive if she'd had more faith
Priest says Jill Meagher would've been 'home in bed' on night of murder if she had stronger faith
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Man who raped and killed Jill Meagher convicted of three more rapes
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Jill Meagher's parents facing financial difficulties and health problems
Australian police apologise after Jill Meagher grave photo is used at fundraising event
Adrian Bayley appeal refused as the 'gravity of the killing warranted a life sentence'
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Thousands take to Melbourne streets to remember Jill Meagher
Adrian Bayley loses appeal over 35-year sentence for Jill Meagher murder
Tributes paid to Jill Meagher one year on
Moreland mayor: People haven't forgotten Jill
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Mayor of town where Jill Meagher was murdered visits her family in Drogheda
Tom Meagher slams parole board as 'cowards' for not answering emails
Jill Meagher killer appeals length of sentence
Tom Meagher: Justice system failed Jill, Bayley was "unrepentantly evil"
Jill Meagher's family feel no 'anger or bitterness' towards Adrian Bayley
Jill Meagher's rapist and killer jailed for at least 35 years
Adrian Bayley to be sentenced for Jill Meagher murder later tonight
Families of murder victims unhappy with sentencing and bail laws