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Nomination of ex-FF Senator and NAGP lobbyist to Sipo labelled 'outrageous' by opposition
Varadkar accused of throwing former NAGP president ‘under the bus'
Leo Varadkar apologises for 'errors of judgement', says he is 'not close friends' with Dr Ó Tuathail
Who were the NAGP, the doctors' group at the centre of the Leo Varadkar leaking controversy?
Taoiseach says he has confidence in Leo Varadkar, says no laws were broken
Former head of NAGP says it was 'wrong' to not have access to GP contract
Fianna Fáil minister says Varadkar's actions not 'appropriate' and calls for 'very frank' Dáil statement
Timeline: GP contract negotiations, the draft deal and Leo Varadkar's actions
Varadkar acknowledges sharing GP agreement was 'not best practice' but rejects wrongdoing
'Grave concerns' as president and council of national GP group resign
GPs hit out at 'inappropriate' reports that doctors will receive up to €450 for abortion services
GPs accuse Dept of 'using vulnerable patients as fodder' in row over illness benefit forms
Attempt to remove patients from hospital waiting lists 'a national disgrace', National Association of GPs says
'New Zealand option' may provide resolution to stand-off between Harris and GPs
Simon Harris: Stance of GP group 'flies in the face of care and compassion'
'We need an accessible service': Cork doctors set up group to ensure abortion provision for all communities
GPs group calls on Harris to ensure doctors must 'opt in' to provide abortion services
GPs to hold emergency meeting to discuss referendum result
The new head of the GP union is younger than Simon Harris - and has a big battle on his hands
'A knife was pulled on me for refusing a prescription': GPs want more protection from violent patients
'In a utopian society there would be free GP care. In reality, we can't do that'
GPs welcome HSE assertion that €9 billion needed to save Irish health service
Doctors defend charging medical card patients for blood tests
Leinster has longest GP waiting times for patients while Munster has shortest
Do the GPs objecting to free care for the under-sixes have a point?
Leo tells GPs to "cop on" in heated exchange over under-sixes
Dispute over figures on how many GPs have signed up for under 6s contract
Doctors' group says free GP care for under-sixes deal is "medical apartheid"
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Half of Ireland's GPs are working more than 50 hours per week
GPs to protest for the first time ever, but services 'won't be affected' while they're out on the streets
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