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Libyan Council hands over power to first elected assembly
Voting begins in Libya's first free elections in 50 years
Eastern Libya declares semi-autonomous region
Libya calls for extradition of Gaddafi son
Gaddafi loyalists 'seize control' of Libyan city
Libyan NTC publishes first plans for writing new constitution
Libya's Irish health minister defends hiring sister as assistant
ICC wants Hague judges involved in trial of Gaddafi's son
Gaddafi's son will be tried in Libya, says interim government
Gaddafi's son Saif al-Islam captured in Libya: report
Rival Libyan groups clash outside Tripoli
Libyan leader orders investigation of Gaddafi death
Plans for Sharia-based law in Libya unveiled
Libya's liberation to be declared on Sunday
Gaddafi's body being kept in shopping centre freezer
Watch: new video and details of moments after Gaddafi's capture emerge
Libya – ‘We announce to the world that Muammar Gaddafi has been killed’
Gaddafi's hometown taken by Libyan forces
The cost of a revolution? Libya's rulers open their books to reveal expenditure
Libyan rebels tighten grip on loyalist stronghold Sirte
Fierce battle under way for Gaddafi's final stronghold
Gaddafi wanted to be 'like the Queen of England'
Libyan interim leaders announce new government and vow to step down
Mass grave with bodies of over 1,200 prisoners reported in Libya
Rebels push into Gaddafi hometown of Sirte as loyalists fight on
Libya: Fierce battles continue for Gaddafi strongholds
UN approves Libya seat for former rebels
Cameron and Sarkozy visit Libya
Libya’s civil war: lynching, cluster bombs and enforced disappearances
IMF recognises Libyan rebels and pledges to revive economy
Gaddafi denies leaving Libya in latest TV message
Libya: Talks fail over surrender of pro-Gaddafi forces in Bani Walid stronghold
Libya's interim authority pledges move to Tripoli next week
Libyan rebels round up black Africans
Over €1 billion being flown to Libya in cash after UN release assets
Libyan rebels can't find 'up to 50,000' political prisoners