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# Teeth

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Exodus of dentists from medical card scheme leaving vulnerable households without dental care
Nation's oral health at risk as children not seeing a dentist until their teens
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Babies being born without wisdom teeth due to rapid evolution, scientists say
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Parents urged to throw out choking hazard baby teethers sold through AliExpress
Your PRSI gets you a free scale and polish and 300,000 availed of it so far this year
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Dentists will stop using metal fillings that have been used in teeth for 150 years
Dentists claim rise in tooth extractions caused by structure of medical card scheme
'The problem has advanced significantly': Mullingar man waits 9 years for orthodontic treatment
These Israeli teeth show modern humans left Africa 100,000 years earlier than thought
Daredevil woman hangs from helicopter above Niagara Falls... by her teeth
'We compete with huge multinationals, but we're just two girls in Galway who had an idea'
Fora Staff
Dentists call for regular teeth screenings in schools to avoid 'traumatic' extractions
The cost of austerity? Irish children aged 6 are getting teeth extracted under general anesthetic
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American surfer mauled by 6ft shark
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Varadkar dismisses claims 10,000 Irish children have teeth extracted in hospital each year
So dentists' training dummies are the most horrifying things on the planet
Police search for 'distinctive' robber who's missing her front teeth
Irish people are going to eat 17.5 million Easter eggs (that's €36.6 million worth)
These hidden sugars in 'healthy' foods could be harming your child's teeth
Anne Twomey
Want to keep your teeth into old age? Drink up that fluoridated water
Cat gets its teeth brushed, has a major revelation about life
Dad of the Year pulls his son's tooth with a golf club and dental floss
This little girl's letter to the tooth fairy is brilliantly passive-aggressive
Tony Blair's odd Christmas card given the vicious Twitter treatment
Irish dentists say your kids' teeth will decay if we remove fluoride from water
Opinion: Water fluoridation is controversial, but trust evidence over scaremongering
Jennifer Keane
Here is the single best corporate tweet about Glenda Gilson's wedding
Poll: Do you find the cost of going to the dentist prohibitive?
Man goes to doctor with chronic nosebleeds, discovers rogue tooth in nose
Think your dentist visit was bad? This Indian teen had 232 teeth 'chiselled out'
Dublin City Council to debate motion on ending public water fluoridation