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Dublin: -1 °C Tuesday 21 April, 2015

#Leo Varadkar

# leo-varadkar - Tuesday 14 April, 2015

Leo compares Enda to Michael Collins and smaller parties to a Monty Python sketch

No word on whether silly walks will be introduced at Leinster House.

# leo-varadkar - Saturday 11 April, 2015

Leo understands the distress that hospital overcrowding causes you

He said that he isn’t “trying to make out everything is rosy in the garden” of the Irish health service

# leo-varadkar - Friday 10 April, 2015

25,000 children are waiting to get their first outpatient appointment

For 10,000 of them, their wait has been longer than six months.

‘There is an attempt to muzzle us’: Nurse suspended after criticising psychiatric unit

Leo Varadkar said he will look into the issue.

# leo-varadkar - Thursday 2 April, 2015

Today’s top stories in 6 seconds

All the day’s news? You’ll find it here.

Leo wants no more than 90 people on trolleys for more than nine hours by the end of 2015

Hospital waiting lists and overcrowding are among the biggest problems facing the health service.

# leo-varadkar - Monday 30 March, 2015

Good news… Irish children are getting healthier

New figures from Safefood show people are starting to make necessary changes children’s diet and exercise.

# leo-varadkar - Friday 27 March, 2015

Coombe to oversee maternity services at Portlaoise Hospital following deaths

The new agreement is the first of its kind in Ireland.

# leo-varadkar - Thursday 26 March, 2015

‘A load of nonsense’: Leo dismisses claim that most TDs will vote No

The agriculture minister reckons Ireland is ready for same-sex marriage.

# leo-varadkar - Saturday 21 March, 2015

Now this Fine Gael TD wants to repeal the 8th Amendment (but he’s still ‘very pro-life’) Breaking Ranks This post contains videos

Now this Fine Gael TD wants to repeal the 8th Amendment (but he’s still ‘very pro-life’)

Jerry Buttimer is one of the first Fine Gael TDs to call for the repeal of the controversial constitutional amendment.

# leo-varadkar - Friday 13 March, 2015

Poll: Are you more likely to vote for a politician if they share their ‘human side’? Your Say This post contains a poll

Poll: Are you more likely to vote for a politician if they share their ‘human side’?

Eamonn Coghlan and James Reilly both opened up about aspects of their private life yesterday. Would that sway you?

“This is Dave and Leo, rocking it out to you” … A certain minister spent a night as a classic rock DJ

Apparently, he wanted to “knock one more thing off the bucket list”.

# leo-varadkar - Wednesday 11 March, 2015

E’s are gone: Michael D has signed that emergency law, making loads of drugs illegal (again)

Ecstasy, ketamine, magic mushrooms and crystal meth (etc. etc.) will be illegal to possess once again, from midnight.

# leo-varadkar - Wednesday 4 March, 2015

Pat Rabbitte: ‘Maybe Leo thinks he could run the entire cabinet without anybody’*

* Although, we’re pretty sure he was joking.

# leo-varadkar - Friday 27 February, 2015

‘I shudder to think about a Sinn Féin foreign policy that would alienate allies’

The Minister for Health Leo Varadkar said voters should be worried about what kind of “coalition of extremes” .

# leo-varadkar - Thursday 26 February, 2015

‘I was told he was just having a panic attack – an hour later, he was dead’

There have been calls for an upgrade in the cardiology services available in University Hospital Waterford.

# leo-varadkar - Wednesday 25 February, 2015

Even Alan Shatter has had a go at Leo Varadkar today

The opposition think Varadkar speaks like a health commentator, while Shatter is “confused” by his former cabinet colleague.

There’ll be no such thing as a designer baby under this new law

Leo Varadkar has published new proposals to legislate in the area of surrogacy for the first time.

Leo met some very small, very cute babies today

‘There’ll be trouble … his grandparents didn’t even get to hold him yet!’

Snapshots: Here’s what four years in government does to you…

It’s exactly four years since the last general election so how do some of our ministers look now compared to 2011?

# leo-varadkar - Tuesday 24 February, 2015

These two are not happy about Leo’s sly digs at Micheál Martin War Of Words This post contains videos

These two are not happy about Leo’s sly digs at Micheál Martin

Varadkar’s labelling of Martin as the leader of “the third party” has not gone down well.

# leo-varadkar - Monday 23 February, 2015

Leo doesn’t think Micheál Martin is important enough to debate

Election battle stations…

# leo-varadkar - Sunday 22 February, 2015

Will Irish nurses living abroad come home for the new jobs announced?

Leo Varadkar really hopes so.

# leo-varadkar - Friday 20 February, 2015

76,666: the exact number of people waiting for hospital treatment right now

The Health Minister says he’s working on it but the waiting lists have swelled by almost a third since this time last year.

# leo-varadkar - Wednesday 18 February, 2015

Will new family law impact same-sex marriage vote?

Here’s everything you need to know about what’s happening in Irish politics right now…

# leo-varadkar - Tuesday 17 February, 2015

An octogenarian gentleman taught me that it’s never too late to come out

News of Pat Carey’s brave move reminds Dil Wickremasinghe of an elderly man who asked to connect with LGBT community. “I’ve wanted to do this all my life,” he said.

New law will make it illegal to pay for surrogate mothers

Leo Varadkar has also promised a register of donor conceived children.

What is the Children and Family Relationships Bill and who will it affect?

Confused about what new legislation will mean for families? Read on.

# leo-varadkar - Monday 16 February, 2015

Varadkar: ‘Childcare tax breaks for parents not being ruled out’

The health minister said that it would be an election issue.

‘Greece has a major humanitarian crisis…. Ireland is in a very different situation’

Meanwhile, Michael Noonan says an extension of Greece’s bailout would be the subject of a Dáil vote.

‘Happy hours’ a thing of the past under Leo’s new sunbed rules

The Health Minister noted his “genetic tan” as he announced new measures today.

# leo-varadkar - Friday 13 February, 2015

Former minister Pat Carey on being gay: ‘Colleagues sometimes unwittingly said hurtful things’

“To be frank about it I didn’t have the courage, the confidence to talk about it to a wider audience, maybe. I’m sorry about that.”

14 lovely reactions to Pat Carey’s interview about being gay

The former Fianna Fáil minister spoke about his sexuality on RTÉ Radio One this morning.

# leo-varadkar - Thursday 12 February, 2015

The hospital with the worst overcrowding problem is getting a boost of nurses

Changes are set to occur after an appearance by the Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation before the Labour Relations Commission yesterday.

Minister: Trust me, I’m aware of cases like Lucy

“It’s not that the system isn’t sympathetic, it is – who wouldn’t be?”

Can Willie Walsh convince TDs to allow the sale of Aer Lingus?

Here’s everything you need to know about what’s happening in Irish politics right now…

# leo-varadkar - Tuesday 10 February, 2015

Some Labour TDs could miss today’s abortion vote, no whip on Fianna Fáil deputies

Meanwhile, Anne Ferris said she is willing to face the consequences of being expelled from the Labour Party.

‘I was raped. Legislating for abortion in rape cases wouldn’t go far enough’

The precedent set by the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act would see a raped woman questioned, put on trial, and forced to relive the worst experiences of her life.

# leo-varadkar - Friday 6 February, 2015

Leo: We’ve no mandate for abortion referendum, Mick Wallace: That’s horseshit

However, the Health Minister said he would be advocating for Fine Gael to campaign for an abortion referendum in the next election.

# leo-varadkar - Wednesday 4 February, 2015

Wine for at least €10 a bottle? Here’s what we know about new alcohol price laws so far…

The government wants to put a floor on prices to cut down on problem drinking.

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