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February 2024
'A good day for Europe': European Council agrees €50b financial aid package for Ukraine
Last year
Explainer: Why did Hungary block the EU's €50 billion funding package to Ukraine?
Varadkar says EU needs to double down on political, military and financial support for Ukraine
'I don't plan on raising it again': Varadkar rules out speaking to von der Leyen about Israel comments at EPP summit
Taoiseach in Brussels to meet EU leaders and take part in meeting with NATO chief
Wartime leader Zelenskyy tours Europe in search of fighter jets but will his calls be answered?
Hailed as a hero at EU summit, Zelenskyy urges faster arms supplies
No plans to cut off Ukrainian refugee supports, Varadkar says
EU parliament greets Zelenskyy with cheers as Ukrainian president wraps up European tour
All time
Taoiseach to travel to Brussels for European Council meeting on Ukraine and energy
Taoiseach says young people should be vaccinated ‘more quickly’ with AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson
Von der Leyen says Northern Ireland trade problems are caused by Brexit, not the Protocol
Taoiseach heads to Brussels for sign-off on return of travel between EU countries
EU takes step towards relaxing tourism travel for fully-vaccinated visitors
'This is move week': Where are post-Brexit trade talks at right now?
EU chief and Boris Johnson agree to ‘redouble efforts’ to reach a deal in trade talks
EU Summit: Today is Boris's deadline day for a trade deal - but talks are still stuck
European Council President Charles Michel to meet Taoiseach in Dublin
Taoiseach Micheál Martin says EU needs to show it has 'wherewithal' to deal with Covid-19 crisis
Taoiseach travels to Brussels for crunch EU summit, but will take 'special measures' upon return
It's a dirty, time-consuming job so why would Paschal want to become head of the Eurogroup?
Taoiseach to urge EU leaders to do more for member states battling Covid-19
Did Varadkar worry that the EU would put pressure on him? 'It did cross my mind'
Why are leaders deadlocked over the top EU jobs - and who's in the running?
EU suspends negotiations until tomorrow as Europe's leaders fail to agree who should get top jobs
'Ambitious' single-use plastic straws and cutlery ban approved by European Council
A Brexistential crisis: So what happens now?
'Completely unacceptable': Britain angered after EU document calls Gibraltar a 'colony'
After EU endorses Brexit deal, Theresa May tells UK: 'This is all there is'
Explainer: The EU is trying to force the UK to get real, here's how
"The sooner the better" - Fine Gael's Alan Farrell wants to know when Enda will be calling time
Enda Kenny says he doesn't regret the comments he made in the Dáil about Donald Trump
Enda off to Brussels for election of new European Council President
Some EU countries will be arming Kurdish fighters in Iraq - but Ireland won't be one of them
Opinion: Jean-Claude who? Juncker and the the turf war gripping Europe
Everything you need to know about the European Parliament but were afraid to ask
Taoiseach: I fully expect to lead Fine Gael into the next election
'A great day for Europe': MEPs approve EU's budget for the next seven years
Buongiorno Enrico! Taoiseach meets with Italian prime minister today