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# drones - Saturday 21 October, 2017

Dublin Fire Brigade to use drones 'extensively' in the run up to Halloween

It will also use a live feed showing bonfires and other incidents similar to the one used for Storm Ophelia.

# drones - Thursday 17 August, 2017

Drones banned from flying over Trevor Deely search site

Gardaí have been searching the site in Dublin 20 since Saturday.

# drones - Saturday 24 June, 2017

The 9 at 9: Saturday

Here’s what you need to know this morning.

# drones - Sunday 11 June, 2017

Futuristic 'drone ports' are one way of redesigning empty shopping centres

As the e-commerce sector grows, the ‘drone port’ could make deliveries easier for companies.

# drones - Saturday 11 March, 2017

Drones to be used in crackdown on illegal dumping

Minister Denis Naughten is to launch the new project in Galway on Monday

# drones - Monday 27 February, 2017

'No Drone Zone': Dublin Airport launches campaign to safeguard flying space

There were 856 cases worldwide where drones got close to an aircraft between 2013 and 2015.

# drones - Sunday 26 February, 2017

Here's how the international community stops drones from crashing into aircraft

As commercial and private drones become ever more prevalent, the risk of airplane strikes heightens accordingly.

# drones - Sunday 15 January, 2017

The US could unleash micro-drones that move in swarms

A recent test included 103 micro-drones being used in California.

# drones - Monday 26 December, 2016

Own a drone? These tips will help you take great photos with one

For one, don’t ever shoot in JPEG. It’s not worth it.

# drones - Sunday 25 December, 2016

Did you get a drone for Christmas? Don't fly it straight away

You should check a few things first before you go on your maiden flight.

# drones - Saturday 3 December, 2016

Hackers to start hijacking drones used for deliveries and policing

Security experts warn this is the next step for cybercriminals.

# drones - Wednesday 16 November, 2016

VIDEO: Domino's has begun delivering pizzas by drones

Their first delivery took place in New Zealand – but a Russian company says they got there first.

# drones - Monday 14 November, 2016

Drones will face new rules to cut risks

Drones will face new rules to cut risks

Drones have a place in modern society but they must be regulated,” says Fine Gael MEP.

# drones - Monday 31 October, 2016

Here's how an Irish company is helping to make drones see like humans

The head of Dublin-based Movidius, which was recently sold to Intel in a huge deal, is aiming for sales of $1bn.

# drones - Sunday 16 October, 2016

'The land of a thousand hills' is now using drones to deliver medicine

On Friday, Rwanda inaugurated a drone operation that its backers hope will kickstart a revolution in the supply of medical care in rural parts of Africa.

# drones - Tuesday 13 September, 2016

Dutch police have started using eagles to take down drones

A series of tests have been organised since early 2015, and the Dutch forces announced yesterday that the results had been good.

# drones - Thursday 18 August, 2016

This breakthrough could help double the battery life of future phones

Lithium-metal batteries can hold twice the capacity as a normal lithium-ion battery

# drones - Friday 8 April, 2016

How Donegal Mountain Rescue Team is using drones to save people

Tests from the Donegal Mountain Rescue Team will help shape EU regulations.

Irish drone register allowed access to personal details of 2,000 members

The Irish Aviation Authority said the error was down to a technical issue which has now been resolved.

# drones - Thursday 7 April, 2016

Atrocities you probably haven't heard about through the media

Brutality in Saudi Arabia, Yemen and elsewhere has been largely overlooked by western media outlets, Julien Mercille writes.

# drones - Monday 14 March, 2016

Watching this drone race is a lot like riding a neon-lit rollercoaster

Watching this drone race is a lot like riding a neon-lit rollercoaster

Well, a rollercoaster that buzzes constantly, that is.

# drones - Friday 4 March, 2016

This bazooka lets you capture unwanted drones with a net from 100 metres away

The Skywall 100 is able bring drones down to the ground intact.

# drones - Tuesday 1 March, 2016

Australia is now using drones to help stop shark attacks

The trial will see them tested over a six-month period as a way of preventing shark attacks.

# drones - Tuesday 19 January, 2016

From Business ETC Amazon says its delivery drones are 'more like horses than cars' Giddy Up

Amazon says its delivery drones are 'more like horses than cars'

It’s because these drones will be able to sense and avoid obstacles that may cross their path.

# drones - Thursday 7 January, 2016

Forget drones carrying goods, here's one that can fly a person around

The Chinese-built EHang 184 flies itself and can only be controlled by a tablet in the cockpit.

# drones - Monday 21 December, 2015

Own a drone or buying one for Christmas? You have to register it from today

And the focus behind the new legislation is very much on safety.

# drones - Friday 18 December, 2015

12 of the most breathtaking drone photos of 2015

Pretty spectacular.

# drones - Thursday 17 December, 2015

Getting a drone for Christmas? What you need to know about the new rules

Between 4 –5,000 drones are thought to already be in use in Ireland.

# drones - Thursday 3 December, 2015

Soon robots will be able to see the world the same way we do

Recognising objects and figuring out if you’re happy or not will soon be the norm, and companies like Google, Facebook and Microsoft are pushing it forward.

# drones - Monday 30 November, 2015

Amazon gives us a clearer look at how its drones are going to work

Its new prototype drone comes with ‘sense and avoid’ technology to help it avoid collisions, both in the air and on the ground.

# drones - Saturday 28 November, 2015

Australia has a high-tech new weapon in the battle to keep people safe from sharks

Drone technology is being deployed to help track the movement of sharks off Australia’s beaches.

# drones - Thursday 19 November, 2015

Former US drone operators: 'The innocent civilians we killed only fuelled the terrorism of ISIS'

Read the extraordinary open letter to Barack Obama, written by four US Air Force whistleblowers.

# drones - Wednesday 18 November, 2015

Air raids in Syria take out 33 jihadists in 72 hours

Dozens of Islamic State fighters were also wounded in the raids on weapons depots, barracks and checkpoints.

# drones - Thursday 22 October, 2015

WATCH: First drone video shows devastation of war in Syria

The footage is a rare aerial view of the extent of the destruction in Syria.

# drones - Wednesday 26 August, 2015

Watch: Stunning footage of a very close-up dolphin encounter off Malin Head

A Donegal photographer captured the amazing experience.

# drones - Saturday 22 August, 2015

Turns out flying a drone professionally is more complex than you think...

For one, you’ll need two people if you want to properly capture footage.

# drones - Friday 21 August, 2015

American drone strike kills ISIS second-in-command

The militant was killed on Tuesday, according to the White House.

# drones - Monday 10 August, 2015

What happens when an eagle spots a drone? There's only one winner

What happens when an eagle spots a drone? There's only one winner

It’s the bird, in case you couldn’t guess.

# drones - Friday 31 July, 2015

Facebook's solar-powered laser drone masterplan is starting to take shape From Above This post contains videos

Facebook's solar-powered laser drone masterplan is starting to take shape

The drones will beam down internet from 90,000 feet.

# drones - Friday 17 July, 2015

From The Daily Edge A bunch of the soundest lads ever used a drone to drop gifts to strangers Drop Down
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