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Irish language

# irish-language - Saturday 12 April, 2014

March planned in Belfast over ‘failure’ to protect the Irish language

The Lá Dearg group say that aspects of the Good Friday agreement have not been implemented.

# irish-language - Wednesday 9 April, 2014

What are AIB and Permanent TSB doing to help people in mortgage arrears?

Everything happening in Leinster House today.

# irish-language - Friday 4 April, 2014

Office of the Ombudsman and Language Commissioner will not be merged

Conradh na Gaeilge said they will be lobbying for state services to be provided both in English and Irish.

# irish-language - Tuesday 1 April, 2014

Column: Let’s stop the blame game about learning Irish

Recognising Ireland’s place in an international context allows us to explore the real reasons for our widespread weakness in learning Irish, as well as foreign languages, writes Dermot McNally.

# irish-language - Friday 28 March, 2014

The British Monarchy has spoken in Irish

On Twitter, but still.

# irish-language - Monday 24 March, 2014

# irish-language - Wednesday 19 March, 2014

Can you speak Irish? Want to help the world learn?

Duolingo wants to build an Irish database and you could help.

# irish-language - Thursday 13 March, 2014

Suicide, the Irish language and Rehab

Everything happening in Leinster House today.

# irish-language - Monday 10 March, 2014

From The Daily Edge Here’s a handy guide to swearing as Gaeilge Focail Dána

Here’s a handy guide to swearing as Gaeilge

Just in time for Seachtain na Gaeilge. (Language is quite NSFW.)

# irish-language - Thursday 6 March, 2014

Taxi driver suspended for throwing Irish speakers out of his car

The passengers said they were told “when you’re in Britain it’s English that’s spoken”.

# irish-language - Tuesday 4 March, 2014

Poll: Is enough being done to support Irish language speakers? Your Say This post contains a poll

Poll: Is enough being done to support Irish language speakers?

This morning’s column debates whether Gaeilgeoirí being oppressed in Irish society. Cad a cheapann tú?

Column: Are Gaeilgeoirí being oppressed?

A debate has been ongoing about what place the Irish language has in our society. As someone who speaks Irish, I know how hurtful stereotypes about speakers are, writes Maitiú de Hál.

# irish-language - Sunday 23 February, 2014

From The Daily Edge 13 wonderful things we’d miss in a world without Irish Is Mise Bart Simpson

13 wonderful things we’d miss in a world without Irish

Because we all know Bart Simpson really sounds like a 60-year-old man.

# irish-language - Saturday 22 February, 2014

Column: Why bother learning Irish?

There is enormous negativity about the Irish language, especially in official circles. But it’s part of who we are and we must fight for its survival, writes Rónán Ó Muirthile.

# irish-language - Tuesday 18 February, 2014

Column: I need my daughter to know I didn’t sit back and watch our language die

I took my daughter on her first trip to Dublin on Saturday to participate in the demonstration for Irish language rights. I need her understand her national identity, writes Deirdre Nic Gabhann.

# irish-language - Saturday 15 February, 2014

Thousands attend protest calling for increased support of Irish language

As many as 5,000 are attending the protest outside Leinster House this afternoon.

# irish-language - Friday 14 February, 2014

Column: The Government’s attitude to the Irish language is a total sham

It’s bad for democracy when Government picks and chooses what legislation to implement and when they censor and undermine anyone who has an opposing view to them, writes Daithí de Buitléir.

# irish-language - Saturday 1 February, 2014

Column: We’ll soon find out whether we lose our native language forever

Irish is my second language but it has opened up a whole new world for me, and deepened my understanding of what it means to live in this country. I recognise, of course, that I have been exceptionally lucky, writes Seán Mag Leannáin.

# irish-language - Thursday 16 January, 2014

NI Assembly criticised for ‘hostile climate’ towards the Irish language

The report from the Council of Europe also looked at the minority languages in use in the UK like Welsh and Scottish Gaelic.

# irish-language - Tuesday 14 January, 2014

School without a premises – with seven months left until opening day

The Department of Education says it is searching for a site for the school, which is due to open in September.

# irish-language - Monday 23 December, 2013

Additional €85,000 to cover Taibhdhearc na Gaillimhe renovation costs

The theatre closed in 2007 for renovation after a fire caused extensive smoke damage.

# irish-language - Thursday 12 December, 2013

Column: What’s the future for the Irish language and do politicians want to preserve it?

The majority of Irish people are favourably disposed towards the language, writes Seán Mag Leannáin, who says that’s a bit of a miracle given the forces raging against it.

# irish-language - Saturday 7 December, 2013

Aaron McKenna: Drop Irish or go full native – it’s time to decide

The Irish language is either a waste of scarce public money, or it is a national treasure that we must make it our mission to revive into daily use. Either way, it’s time to get off the fence.

# irish-language - Thursday 28 November, 2013

More than €12 million spent training Irish language graduates to translate EU legislation

To prepare for the end to derogation of the Irish language, more Irish speakers will be needed to translate EU documents.

# irish-language - Thursday 3 October, 2013

From The Daily Edge “Selfie” has been added to the Irish language dictionary Féinphic

“Selfie” has been added to the Irish language dictionary

“Féinphic Sunday” doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.

# irish-language - Sunday 30 June, 2013

From The Daily Edge 8 things we all did in the Gaeltacht Teigh Go Dti An Oifig

8 things we all did in the Gaeltacht

The best three weeks of the summer for any Irish teenager.

# irish-language - Tuesday 19 March, 2013

Column: Gaeilge is a part of our culture – how it’s taught matters

The poetry, prose and history of the Irish language should be taken out of the current course and put into a separate, optional subject for advanced students – while “Irish Language” should be taught to every student as a core subject, writes Aodhán Ó Deá.

# irish-language - Wednesday 13 March, 2013

From The Daily Edge What Irish phrases will Gardaí need to learn? Have You Drink Taken

What Irish phrases will Gardaí need to learn?

An leatsa an gluaisteán seo?

Gardaí examine practices after complaint about use of Irish language

An absence of staff with competence in both official languages of the State is one of the main factors restricting state bodies in their delivery of services to the public in Irish, according to a report.

# irish-language - Friday 14 December, 2012

From The Daily Edge Sláinte! There’s an Irish language version of Cheers on the way… Cheers

# irish-language - Saturday 8 December, 2012

Column: Why I joined Dublin’s first Irish-speaking GAA club

There were no social situations where Irish speakers could use the language. Na Gaeil Óga – an all-Irish GAA club – could change that, writes Ciarán Mac Fhearghusa.

# irish-language - Sunday 14 October, 2012

€5k up for grabs for Irish language short film

Dingle Film Festival is launching its third scheme to support a fresh new short idea… as Gaeilge.

# irish-language - Thursday 4 October, 2012

Column: We need to make the Irish language cool again

We have a love/hate relationship with Irish – but the only way to get young people speaking it is to take it out of the classroom, writes Traic Ó Braonáin.

# irish-language - Wednesday 12 September, 2012

Irish pupils taught over twice as much religion as OECD average

A major new survey of developed nations shows the average Irish 7-year-old spends 10 per cent of their school time on religion.

# irish-language - Wednesday 15 August, 2012

Which Leaving Cert subjects produce the most A grades?

Some subjects produced proportionally more top grades – while others had higher failure rates than most.

# irish-language - Thursday 21 June, 2012

Gaeilge on Google’s new Endangered Languages Project

Irish is included on a list of over 3,000 languages that the internet giant wants to save from extinction.

# irish-language - Tuesday 24 April, 2012

Investigation finds only 1 of 9 officers in Gaeltacht Garda station spoke Irish

Eight of the nine Gardaí stationed in Gaoth Dobhair in Donegal were unable to carry out their duties through Irish.

# irish-language - Saturday 7 April, 2012

Poll: Do you speak Irish on a regular basis? Your Say This post contains a poll

Poll: Do you speak Irish on a regular basis?

Bernard Dunne is leading a nationwide drive getting people to use whatever Irish they still remember. Would you use yours?

# irish-language - Thursday 29 March, 2012

Census 2011: 1.77m say they are able to speak Irish

In the latest census, people were asked if they were able to speak Irish and, if so, how frequently they did.

# irish-language - Wednesday 28 March, 2012

Hogan moves to plug Irish language gaps in Household Charge law

An Irish edition of the legislation permitting the household charge, and the list of exempted ghost estates, have been produced.

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