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Walk-in flu vaccine clinics available for children around the country until Friday
Free nasal spray flu vaccine programme extended to children aged between 13 and 17
HSE rolls out walk-in flu vaccines for children after 700 hospitalisations over winter
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Free flu vaccine programme to be extended to people aged over 50
'Early days' for the spread of the flu as no cases reported in the last week
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Pregnant women, over 65s and other at-risk groups urged to get flu vaccine
120,000 doses of children's flu vaccine destroyed due to low uptake, despite 'heavyweight' promotion campaign
Nasal flu vaccine extended to teenagers due to low take-up
FactCheck: Yes, the children's flu vaccine is authorised for use in Ireland
'No doses have disappeared': HSE's Colm Henry rejects claims that some flu vaccines missing
More parents need to bring their children for flu vaccine, doctors say
Some 'frustration' caused by rescheduling of non-priority flu jabs, Irish Pharmacy Union says
The flu vaccine and children: Here is everything parents need to know
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HSE set to face difficult task in reaching flu vaccination targets for healthcare staff
Debunked: No, children won't be banned from attending school if they don't get the flu vaccine
Winter flu vaccine campaign gears up to prevent 'dual outbreaks' of influenza and Covid-19
Free flu vaccine will be available for children aged 2-12 this winter
Pharmacists call for flu vaccine to be free for everyone
Over 100 people are expected to die of the flu this season
From vaccines to sneezing etiquette: Here’s how to get through the flu season
HPV vaccination rates vary by county from just 40% in Kerry to 74% in parts of Dublin
Just one third of hospital nurses have had the flu jab despite raffles and free coffee incentives
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A number of people have died due to flu, as two strains of the virus hit Ireland
People urged to get flu vaccine after jump in cases of influenza-like illness
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Patients 'have a right to ask doctors and nurses if they have received the flu vaccine'
A patch on the wrist could deliver flu vaccine instead of needle
Following chocolate comments, HSE says 'incentives' have helped vaccination rate rise 50%
Chocolate could encourage nurses to get flu vaccine, committee hears
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"Swine Flu is now a seasonal virus" - HSE moves to dampen fears over H1N1 after child's death
Visitor restrictions at Cork University Hospital
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Over 480 patients affected by low-dosage flu vaccines
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