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Garda who had claims dismissed at Disclosures Tribunal is suspended
Garda Keith Harrison fails in bid to quash Disclosures Tribunal findings against him
Harrison bids for Tribunal findings to be quashed over Judge Charleton's alleged prior involvement with witness
Garda Keith Harrison secures High Court order to halt internal inquiry into alleged misconduct
Garda Keith Harrison launches High Court battle to quash findings from Disclosures Tribunal
Charleton says gardaí need 'complete turn-around in attitude' and some are 'crying out for leadership'
Keith Harrison trying to stop internal Garda investigation
'Utter nonsense': The curious case of Keith Harrison at the Disclosures Tribunal
€1.5m and counting: Why the Disclosures Tribunal has cost us this much and why it will cost a lot more
The Disclosures Tribunal cost the State €87,000 a month this year
Keith Harrison continues High Court case against the State despite tribunal dismissing all his allegations
Gardaí to examine disciplinary procedures after Tribunal report on Keith Harrison
'This is utter nonsense': How Justice Charleton eviscerated Garda Keith Harrison's claims
Disclosures Tribunal: Keith Harrison and Marisa Simms claims 'entirely without any validity'
Disclosures Tribunal to publish report on Garda Keith Harrison next week
'It wasn't stood over by the witness': Tribunal hears closing arguments in Keith Harrison module
Barrister says that evidence of Donegal's most senior garda should not be accepted by Tribunal
Disclosures Tribunal: Retired garda can't provide statement as he's 'on the far side of the world'
Tribunal chairman asks for new statements from four senior gardaí
Tusla officials reject claim they were 'leaned on' to make home visit by gardaí
What Keith Harrison and Marisa Simms told the Tribunal in March and what they said this week
Garda Keith Harrison accused of making 'a series of incorrect allegations' about Tusla
Keith Harrison: 'I may have been mistaken' about claim gardaí told Tusla to visit home
Contradictions, 'coercions' and a private life made public: Keith Harrison's partner at the Tribunal
Donegal sergeant tells Tribunal that legal letter written about her was 'disturbing'
'Even the best of Donegal seanachaís would find it difficult to talk for eight hours' - Inspector cross-examined at Tribunal
Tribunal hears whistleblower's partner withdrew statement about his behaviour
Tribunal witness 'doesn't remember' saying garda whistleblower threatened to burn his partner
Tribunal hears details of fight between garda whistleblower and partner that led to 999 call
Retired garda says colleague's death in line of duty had 'devastating effect' on officers
Tribunal to hear about anonymous letter sent to HSE about whistleblower Keith Harrison
Profile 'usually reserved for gangland criminals' created for garda whistleblower
Garda whistleblower Keith Harrison welcomes terms of reference for Tribunal
Another garda whistleblower says Tusla investigation also opened in his case
Garda whistleblower Keith Harrison cleared to return to work