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# malaysia - Saturday 19 April, 2014

MH370 search: “We have pursued every possible lead presented to us at this stage”

Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said the search is at a “very critical juncture”.

# malaysia - Friday 18 April, 2014

Sub searching for missing Malaysia plane reaches ‘record depths’

It’s on its fifth seabed mission, and reached a record depth of 4,695 metres.

# malaysia - Saturday 12 April, 2014

MH370 co-pilot tried to make a call just before plane disappeared from radar

The plane flew low enough near Penang island on Malaysia’s west coast for a tower to pick up the co-pilot’s phone signal.

# malaysia - Thursday 10 April, 2014

Hunt for missing Malaysia plane closes in on “final resting place”

The search for ‘pings’ from the MH370′s black box continues.

# malaysia - Wednesday 9 April, 2014

MH370 searchers hopeful of finding wreckage within ‘days’

Four transmissions have been detected by an Australian ship from what is believed to be the plane’s black box.

# malaysia - Tuesday 8 April, 2014

Hunt for MH370 ‘pings’ to go on for days before sub launch

The search involves up to 11 military planes, three civilian planes and 14 ships.

# malaysia - Monday 7 April, 2014

MH370: What do we know? What have we yet to find out?

Here are some of the key questions in the search so far…

Two signals detected are the “most promising lead” in search for MH370

Australian authorities warned that nothing would happen fast in the search for the missing plane.

The 9 at 9: Monday

It’s the beginning of a new week – and here’s everything you need to know before 9am.

# malaysia - Sunday 6 April, 2014

‘Important and encouraging lead’ in search for missing Malaysia jet

The Australian head of the mission urged caution about the signals similar to that of a black box which were detected yesterday saying: “We are working in a very big ocean and within a very large search area”.

# malaysia - Saturday 5 April, 2014

Ship searching for missing plane ‘picks up signal’

China’s official news agency says a ‘pulse signal’ has been picked up in the Indian Ocean.

# malaysia - Friday 4 April, 2014

US Navy join underwater search for MH370

The plane’s black box locator will stop transmitting in four days.

# malaysia - Thursday 3 April, 2014

‘We’ll keep searching for flight MH370 till hell freezes over’ say officials

Australia officials vow to continue the search, however the prime minister said they could not be certain of success.

# malaysia - Monday 31 March, 2014

“Goodnight…” New official account of last words from MH370 cockpit

The new official version of last words spoken from the cockpit is ‘more in keeping with the way a pilot might usually speak to air traffic control,’ according to one expert.

Daughter of MH370 pilot accuses Daily Mail of ‘making up’ quotes from her

Aishah Zaharie is quoted by the paper as calling her father ‘disturbed’ but she claims the paper invented her words.

# malaysia - Sunday 30 March, 2014

The 9 at 9: Sunday

It’s the last day of the weekend – and here’s everything you need to know as we start the day.

# malaysia - Friday 28 March, 2014

‘Objects spotted’ in new MH370 search area

“Credible new lead” as search for MH370 goes on amid new claims that the plane was travelling faster than previously thought.

# malaysia - Wednesday 26 March, 2014

Search for MH370 resumes in area ‘as close to nowhere as it’s possible to be’

Weather conditions in the area have allowed for searches to resume today.

# malaysia - Tuesday 25 March, 2014

MH370 families protest as pilot suicide raised as a cause of plane disappearance

Australia has promised to welcome the families of those on board the missing flight.

# malaysia - Monday 24 March, 2014

Malaysian PM confirms that flight MH370 went down in the Indian Ocean west of Perth

Data shows that the flight flew along the southern corridor and ended in a remote location far from any landing sites.

Timeline: The search for missing MH370

The families of the airplane’s passengers were told today that there is no hope for any survivors.

# malaysia - Sunday 23 March, 2014

Here’s What Happened Today: Sunday

Everyone’s been talking about the shock resignation of Patrick Nulty, Phil Hogan’s spat with Micheál Martin, and the grisly ‘House of Horror’ discovery in Nigeria.

# malaysia - Saturday 22 March, 2014

Large ‘floating object’ seen in Indian Ocean during missing plane search

China has a new satellite image of the object, which it believes could be related to the missing Malaysia Airlines flight.

“Tell us the truth!” Police intervene as families of missing passengers confront officials

The search for the missing Malaysian plane continues in the Indian Ocean.

# malaysia - Thursday 20 March, 2014

Objects in Indian Ocean could be missing Malaysian Airlines plane

The Malaysian Airlines flight has been missing for 13 days.

# malaysia - Wednesday 19 March, 2014

Why didn’t passengers on missing flight MH370 use their mobile phones?

In the age of smartphones and social media, one question about the disappearance of the plane has repeatedly been asked: why no contact from passengers?

# malaysia - Tuesday 18 March, 2014

Missing flight was ‘turned by someone in the cockpit’

The input that turned the Malaysian Airlines flight likely came from within the cockpit, the New York Times reports.

How come pilots can turn off a plane’s communication systems?

One of the mysterious elements of the missing Malaysia plane story is that someone shut down the aircraft’s communications system. Why is this allowed?

# malaysia - Sunday 16 March, 2014

25 countries now involved in hunt for missing plane as pilots’ homes searched

Police say they have searched the homes of both pilots and examined the captain’s home flight simulator.

# malaysia - Saturday 15 March, 2014

Disappearance of missing Malaysian jet appears ‘deliberate’

The latest news came during a press conference with Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak.

# malaysia - Friday 14 March, 2014

US Navy sends second ship to search for missing airliner

The Malaysian government says it is doubling the search area as they continue to look for the missing plane.

# malaysia - Thursday 13 March, 2014

Missing Malaysian plane may have flown for 4 hours after losing contact – report

The Wall Street Journal says investigators suspect the missing plane could have been diverted to an unknown location.

# malaysia - Wednesday 12 March, 2014

Satellite images of possible missing plane debris released by Chinese government

The pictures were taken by a satellite on Sunday.

Malaysia under fire over ‘chaotic’ search for missing jet

Malaysia’s Transport Minister said that the country will “never give up hope”.

# malaysia - Monday 10 March, 2014

What happened to Malaysia Airlines flight MH370?

Industry experts answer questions surrounding the disappearance and search.

# malaysia - Saturday 8 March, 2014

Oil slicks spotted in the sea in search for missing Malaysia Airlines jet

Rescue planes have sighted two oil slicks around 15-20 km long in the Gulf of Thailand as hopes for the 239 passengers fade.

The 9 at 9: Saturday

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China-bound jet disappears with 239 people on board

No Irish passengers were on board according to Malaysia Airlines.

# malaysia - Monday 27 January, 2014

From The Daily Edge Man uses one first-class plane ticket ‘to get free food and drink for a year’ Savvy

Man uses one first-class plane ticket ‘to get free food and drink for a year’

He reportedly went into the airline’s VIP lounge for a good feed. More than 300 times.

# malaysia - Monday 24 June, 2013

State of emergency declared as Kuala Lumpur is engulfed by smog Pollution This post contains images

State of emergency declared as Kuala Lumpur is engulfed by smog

A smoky haze blamed on Indonesian forest fires has triggered one of the country’s worst pollution levels in years.

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