# Association of Garda Sergeants and Inspectors

This month
February 2024
General Secretary of AGSI Antoinette Cunningham has announced retirement
Last year
Middle-ranking gardaí vote to 'withdraw their labour' but will work Biden visit 'under protest'
All time
Drew Harris: Gardaí to seek further charges in Kevin Lunney abduction case
Garda sergeants and inspectors set to make 'stinging attack' on new policing legislation
AGSI to write to Drew Harris over live-streamed 'abuse' of garda at Dublin Covid-19 checkpoint
'You get flashbacks of horrific scenes' - Should counselling be mandatory for gardaí?
Gardaí want law to force cyclists to wear high-vis vests and helmets
'You have to swallow it and get on with the job': Gardaí say policy favours bullies over victims
Commissioner to sergeants and inspectors: 'You're the supervisors - so what happened?'
'People are blaming us': Gardaí say scandals are making it harder for them to do their jobs
Children of gardaí subjected to 'horrendous harassment' on social media sites
'No wonder we feel abandoned': Gardaí hit out at Minister for being 'too busy' for them
Gardaí want people who identify them on social media to be prosecuted
Garda reps say martial law was threatened - Taoiseach says it was never contemplated
The Commissioner's directive and the probationers' payslips - 48 hours of garda fury
Garda strike still on: GRA say threat won't be lifted without 'significant' progress on pay
Middle-ranking gardaí say they won't implement the commissioner's new plan
'We're living on borrowed money': Middle-ranking gardaí protest over pay
'Blue wave' of garda sergeants and inspectors to march on the Dáil today
Gardaí will march to the Dáil on the new government's first day
Gardaí say they'd 'run around like headless chickens' in the event of a terrorist attack
'He got four years - I got life': The life-altering injuries suffered by gardaí
Criminal 'threatened to rape' pregnant garda and her unborn child
Gardaí say crime in Stepaside is up and it's time to reopen the station
Commissioner 'more interested in corporate image than welfare of gardaí'
Body cameras, terrorist threats and wages on the agenda for sergeants and inspectors
'Ramping up': 250 new gardaí will be recruited this year
'Spare a thought' for gardaí dealing with tragic deaths and family rows today
Opinion: Parliamentary privileges extended to TDs and Senators should be reconsidered
Otherwise engaged: Alan Shatter has decided not to attend this year's AGSI conference
Gardaí will not face sanction after Shatter conference walk-out
Garda sergeants to face disciplinary action following conference walkout
Shatter 'glad he did not bring wife to AGSI meeting'
AGSI defends members over Shatter walk-out amid disciplinary action
Garda Commissioner says 'more needs to be done with fewer resources'
Silence greets Shatter as he tells gardaí that protests do disservice to force
Shatter to address garda conference amid concern over pay cuts
'We have no more to give': Over 3,000 attend Frontline services rally
Gardaí 'will not accept pay cuts' as sergeants question Shatter figures
'It's not on' - Garda Commissioner critical of work-to-rule, 'blue flu' threats