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Case by Jackson and Olding to recover legal costs dismissed by judge in Belfast
Belfast man jailed for leaving neighbour's dead body in her home for two years and buying pizza with her bank card
Stuart Olding 'suffered huge financial detriment' after rugby rape trial
Former Celtic kitman sentenced for sexually abusing teenager
Court hears Paddy Jackson has paid 'an enormous price' despite rape acquittal
Court to hear application to cover Paddy Jackson's £100k legal bill
Blood-stained sheets, a pornographic gif and a tweet: Legal arguments in the rugby rape trial
Judge in rugby rape trial to hear arguments over lifting reporting restrictions on case
Rugby rape trial: All four defendants found not guilty on all charges
Jury in rugby rape trial will continue deliberating on charges tomorrow
'A woman is entitled to say no': Jury hears more closing remarks from judge in rugby rape trial
Rugby rape trial jury told 'morals of any person involved are completely irrelevant'
Rory Harrison's barrister says he's 'not a weasel' but a 'decent guy' in closing arguments
Belfast rape trial hears that those accused are 'braggarts, not rapists'
'A shambles': Paddy Jackson's barrister criticises police investigation as he makes closing statement
What happened in Paddy Jackson's home was 'a throwback to the days of male entitlement', jury told
Rory Harrison accused of being 'delegated' to look after distressed woman after alleged rape
Paddy Jackson would be the 'last person in the world to rape someone', court hears
'Any possibility of a threesome?' - Blane McIlroy tells rape trial of 4am text to Paddy Jackson
Stuart Olding says 'everything that happened that night was completely consensual'
Paddy Jackson said he would have 'freaked out' if he knew a woman left his house in tears
Rape trial: Police could not locate Stuart Olding's clothes as he "was not told his house was being searched"
'She is causing so much trouble for the lads' - jury hears of text messages between Belfast rape trial accused
'She never once said stop' - jury hears three men charged in Belfast rugby rape trial deny accusations
Paddy Jackson: 'She didn't have to stay. She could have left if she wanted but she didn't'
Doctor at rape trial: 'Not possible' to tell if injuries caused by consensual or non-consensual sex
Rugby rape trial: Rory Harrison told police alleged victim was 'fixated on' Paddy Jackson
Alleged rugby rape victim was 'crying and sobbing' in taxi, court hears
Paddy Jackson denied that 'threesome' took place morning after alleged incident, court hears
Rugby rape case: Alleged victim denies she 'had sex with a number of men' after going to home uninvited
Jury taken to Paddy Jackson's home to scene of alleged rape
Alleged rape victim says she has 'no complaint' with the man accused of withholding information
'I was raped. I don't think I can make myself more clear': Alleged victim continues evidence in court
Rape trial: Woman tells court 'you cannot underestimate how scared you are in those situations'
Rory Best was directed to attend rape trial by senior counsel
Rape trial: Woman asked if she 'watered down' her prior knowledge of rugby players
Alleged rape victim of Irish rugby stars told police that incident left her 'humiliated'
Rape trial of rugby players hears alleged victim's 'fight instinct kicked in' when third man entered room
Irish rugby stars accused of rape 'boasted about sex on WhatsApp'
Jury sworn in for Paddy Jackson and Stuart Olding rape trial