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February 2024
Opinion: Helping Ukrainians flee war along with their pets is the right thing to do
Two puppies rescued from bog as Dogs Trust receives over 400 post-Christmas surrender requests
This year
Dog behaviourist: The problem of dog attacks won't be solved with just a ban on certain breeds
Wicklow couple fined €3,000 after admitting role in having American Bully dogs' ears cropped
'Dog crisis' in Ireland after six puppies found dumped in a plastic bag on side of the road
Last year
Dog behaviourist: How to keep your dog calm and happy through the Christmas chaos
DSPCA urges people not to buy a pet instead of an engagement ring this Christmas
Bitten and broken: Dog attack victims say lax law enforcement leaves them without hope
Noteworthy investigation finds dog bite reports continue to rise across Ireland, with sheepdogs one of the most commonly reported for aggressive behaviour.
Dog attacks in some council areas have more than doubled in less than a year
Significant increase in incidents of aggressive behaviour, with one council's reports quadrupling
Experts warn owners need education, not tighter controls
Hospital admissions for dog bites soar by 50%
Fines for serious dog offences to double following 'worrying' dog attacks
Dog Behaviourist: We have a dog welfare crisis in Ireland that we can no longer ignore
'Don't dress your pets up' and other helpful advice heading into Halloween night
Two women hospitalised after being attacked by XL Bully dog in Co Waterford
Woman and dog airlifted to safety after being cut off by rising tide
Minister calls on advertisers and media to stop using unnecessary images of flat-faced dogs
People across Ireland raise litany of complaints with councils about dogs running off-lead
Man charged in connection with search operation that resulted in seizure of 19 dogs in January
The Explainer: What is the American bully XL and do bans on certain dog breeds work?
Opinion: Banning the XL Bully won't protect the public in any real way
UCC introduces therapy dog programme to combat stress for students
Dog behaviourist: How to read your dog's signals - they might not mean what you think
Stricter laws on ownership of dogs with cropped ears to kick in on 1 September
Just 82 dog fouling fines were handed out by local councils in 2022
Dog behaviourist: A dog's separation anxiety is similar to a human's panic attack
Number of dogs being put down in pounds doubled in a year
On-lead and off-lead dog zones proposed for Dublin park 'so elderly feel safe'
Dog behaviourist: You can learn to speak cat - here are some tips
Dog behaviourist: Keep your dog cool in the hot weather with these helpful tips
Dogs Trust highlights 'huge rise' in unwanted dogs in Ireland as they save emaciated lurcher
Charity warns dog owners about toxins in chocolate, hot-cross buns and daffodils
Four people to appear in court after 38 dogs found in inhumane conditions in Citywest
Dog behaviourist: Dogs are complex - here are some tips on communicating with them
Dogs Trust Ireland sees a stark increase in post-Christmas surrender requests
Dogs found dumped in Kildare bog likely suffered 'traumatic injuries'
Over 100 dogs currently on waiting list to be surrendered to DSPCA
Working group established around dog control and ownership after recent 'harrowing scenes'
All time
Dog behaviourist: Tips for keeping your pooch safe and well this Christmas
Dog behaviourist: Why Christmas is the worst time to get a puppy
McConalogue writes to Cabinet in effort to tighten laws around control of dogs
DSPCA seeking more volunteers due to 'concerning' surge in surrendered pet rabbits and dogs