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Last week
11th February 2024 - 17th February 2024
GRA cites 'breakdown in trust' as it votes to not invite Garda Commissioner to annual conference
Last year
Breakthrough in garda talks as interim roster is agreed
Vote of no-confidence in Drew Harris was not solely down to rosters dispute, GRA says
Garda Commissioner says he won’t defer 6 November deadline for new staff roster
Rank-and-file gardaí vote for November strike day and work-to-rule on Halloween and Budget Day
Rank-and-file gardaí not ruling out action amid deteriorating relations with Commissioner
Commissioner offers gardaí two options to resolve roster dispute in 'brief and direct' meeting
Crisis talks to take place to solve GRA impasse before conference flashpoint at end of month
Rank-and-file gardaí vote 98.7% against Commissioner Drew Harris's leadership
Taoiseach says Govt won’t remove Garda Commissioner if he loses no-confidence vote
Garda group calls out failure to recruit gardaí as new intake falls 33% below target for 2023
Garda probe establishes GSOC officer did attend Hutch party
Detective Garda who came under fire says all gardaí should have tactical training
Garda body says members are resigning from the force because of 'bullying and workplace stress'
All time
Workplace watchdog orders GRA to appoint twice failed female candidate for senior role to position
Two Gardaí involved in Cherry Orchard car ramming off duty due to injuries
Suspension of gardaí strongly criticised by Limerick garda representatives
Minister to tell rank-and-file gardaí she will strengthen their mental health supports
GRA conference: Calls for action to combat spike in assaults on gardaí
GRA claims Commissioner's discretion comments are 'wholly unacceptable'
Rank and file gardaí have voted to accept a 3% public service pay increase
Garda association seeks urgent meeting with Commissioner and Minister over anti-lockdown protest
GRA seeks 'urgent' meeting with Commissioner over resourcing of Emergency Response Unit
Gardaí who failed in last promotion competition to be bumped up to sergeant rank
Garda body demands apology over 'ill-informed and elitist' remarks about policing of Quinn violence
Armed gardaí to begin policing border region from today
'It was shocking': GRA to speak to Commissioner over sacking of garda for 'alleged homosexual activity'
GRA 'distances itself' from 1985 comment that garda's pregnancy 'not appropriate behaviour'
Garda commended for 'life-threatening incident' which saw him dragged along road by suspected drink-driver
'It's a kip': Gardaí describe 'horrendous' conditions in stations
Gardaí want allowance for members stationed in rent pressure zones
Justice Minister rejects claim he's been 'negligent', says gardaí have 'record resources'
Gardaí say drink driving cases 'struck out' due to lack of clarity over use of handcuffs
'We're here to serve the people, not the organisation' - Drew Harris pens open letter to frontline gardaí
'It's now my team': Drew Harris sworn in as garda commissioner
Mother who spent night at garda station with children says she 'wouldn't wish it upon anyone'
Poll: Should frontline gardaí be given tasers to protect themselves?
Frontline gardai need tasers and they need them now
'A huge own goal': Why rank-and-file gardaí are refusing to sign the code of ethics
Justice Minister says there won't be a sealed border after Brexit