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‘Don’t feel guilty about the TV’: Essential rules for parents working from home this week
Chrissie Russell shares her learnings from five years of freelancing with kids in tow.
7 extremely romantic things my husband does for me - from buying oversized pyjamas to cleaning up sick
When you become a parent, it’s a different set of gestures that set the heart aflame, writes Chrissie Russell.
'The first time they don't notice you leaving': The emotional parenting milestones that catch you unawares
‘I defy anyone not to get a bit emotional about saying goodbye those tiny first clothes,’ writes Chrissie Russell.
Three perfect itineraries for a Saturday in Dublin
With a little help from Transport for Ireland, you can spend an amazing Saturday exploring the beautiful sights of South Dublin.
Meltdown in aisle 6? How to handle public tantrums, from a mum who's been there
First up, always pack snacks, writes Chrissie Russell.
'We're at A&E. Can you get here?': 11 disastrous tales from the first night away with no kids
‘Needless to say, I didn’t leave any of my kids again for around seven years…’
Should the gifts be wrapped? 8 Santa-related predicaments I'm navigating this year
“How come Santa wrapped Sean’s gifts and not mine?”
'At first, he woke every 3 hours': 8 parents on how they finally got their babies to sleep through
‘We forked out €180 for a sleep specialist and it was the best money I’ve ever spent.’
8 products that made weaning easier in my house - starting with a goo-repellent bib
Plus, a few items that came highly recommended by friends.
Game changers: 7 small but useful baby product hacks I wish I'd discovered sooner
Like the right way to put on baby tights, or the poo-proof way to remove a babygro.
'Oh, we'll never give her a dummy': 11 pre-baby promises that every parent will recognise
… And that most parents will break once the baby comes along.
9 things I've learned about breastfeeding - that I wish I'd known on day one
Er, how come no-one mentioned that newborns feed *constantly*?
14 things that change when you go from one child to two, according to parents who've been there
Getting less sleep is a given, but what else is different in a two-child house? Mums and dads share their experiences.
Here's why you'll never see my sons in matching outfits (no, not even at bedtime)
I want to teach my kids to think for themselves – and that starts with the clothes they wear, says Chrissie Russell.
Here's what it's like to breastfeed a three-year-old who can walk, talk - and tell you when he's done
“My son self weaned shortly after his third birthday,” writes Chrissie Russell. “I thought I’d share a few things I learned along the way.”
'Are those... raisins?': My baby's first year, as told in 12 poos
#7 The one when we started solids.
'Milk squirting across the room': 14 mums share their best (and most hilarious) breast pumping stories
‘I plugged in the pump at 1.30am and fell asleep with it clutched to my boob.’
'Why does he eat rocks, but not broccoli?' 13 questions only parents of toddlers ask themselves
The kids aren’t the only ones asking loads of questions, writes Chrissie Russell.
'My son loves dress-up and dolls' houses - but why do I feel compelled to tell you that he plays with trucks too?'
It’s time to start thinking beyond pink and blue, writes Chrissie Russell.
9 game-changing pieces of advice I wish I'd been given as a brand new mum
First up, throw all expectations of a newborn sleep routine out the window, writes Chrissie Russell.
Here's the real difference between having one child and two - by someone who's just found out
Your idea of “quality time” with your partner will change A LOT, writes Chrissie Russell.
10 irrational (but acceptable) thoughts you'll recognise if you're trying baby-led weaning
#2: He’s meant to like the veggie fritters. Why doesn’t he like the VEGGIE FRITTERS?
'Are we finished having kids?': How to answer the age-old question of whether to try for another
Mum-of-two Chrissie Russell on the end of babies in her house – and what the experts have to say.
11 pieces of newborn kit that are worth the money - from an ear thermometer to a good changing table
Chrissie Russell shares the items that got her through those early days.
'Have I damaged them for life?': 9 irrational worries every stay-at-home parent can identify with
‘Should I be making all my meals from scratch while also penning a bestselling novel?’
'At 4am, scared, she was what I needed': One mum on how a doula helped her through a tough labour
‘She wasn’t going to go off duty, she was there for me.’
What was your best ever Christmas present? 6 people around Ireland share theirs
Bought or made, big or small: We asked people to share the Christmas presents they remember the most.
What's the favourite Christmas decoration in your house? 8 people around Ireland share theirs
Old or new? Handmade or shop-bought? We asked people to share their most loved decorations.
9 people around Ireland share their favourite Christmas traditions
In this week’s Ask The Elves, we want to know about the rituals you follow year after year.
Ask The Elves: Readers share the Christmas films they watch every single year
The festive flicks that say ‘Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal.’
10 new parent firsts that the baby books definitely don't mention
Unless your baby book has a chapter titled ‘The First Explosive Poo’.
11 handy pieces of breastfeeding kit you may not have thought of
An endless supply of cushions will be your saving grace, writes Chrissie Russell.
18 everyday things that'll suddenly infuriate you as your due date draws near
Eight months in, my crankiness has turned into general fury, writes Chrissie Russell.
Bumps in the night: How should I deal with my toddler's frequent nightmares?
My son wakes up terrified about everything from bubbles to CBeebies. Surely there’s a solution, writes Chrissie Russell.
10 reasons I most definitely don't want a 'push present' after giving birth
I’m due my second child in a few weeks, but I’m perfectly happy without a ‘reward,’ says Chrissie Russell.
10 excellent hospital bag essentials no-one tells you about, according to a second time mum
Forget the maternity nighties, I’m stocking up on earplugs and snacks, writes Chrissie Russell.
12 new strains of mammy guilt I've faced since my son started preschool
It’s been three months, and I’m still hazy on what ‘Montessori’ even means, writes Chrissie Russell.
9 types of parent you'll definitely meet at the soft play centre
There’s a whole soft play realm I never knew existed before having kids, writes Chrissie Russell.
13 reasons I'm secretly looking forward to breastfeeding again
In two months I’ll be back on the lactation train, but it’s not all bad news, writes Chrissie Russell.
Stories vs screens: What's the secret to raising a book-loving baby?
And should you care? Chrissie Russell looks at the impact of reading at home.
11 truly unexpected things I've learnt during my second pregnancy
Pregnancy books are a racket, and I have zero confidence in my due date, admits Chrissie Russell.