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Dublin: 10 °C Tuesday 1 September, 2015

Living - Yesterday’s News

See ya Australia and au revoir France, Ireland has a new favourite winemaker

We have all the figures for what local drinkers were sipping last year.

Poll: Do you eat breakfast every day? Sponsored This post contains a poll

Poll: Do you eat breakfast every day?

Meal of champions, you say?

Living - Sunday 30 August, 2015

Sick of the gym? Maybe try pole dancing, trapeze or laughter yoga

There’s more than one way to get in shape.

How has your Irish summer been?

Tomorrow is the final day of a wet and windy summer that has never quite lived up to its name.

“Dublin isn’t all about tradition and pints of Guinness and leprechauns”

The capital is being turned into a huge art gallery in September.

From Business ETC Here’s how much you could earn working for Facebook Like

Here’s how much you could earn working for Facebook

The social networking behemoth isn’t too shabby a place to ply your trade.

Fancy a pint? Here are 11 Dublin pubs with a whole load of history

For those of us who like a good story, to go with our pint…

Living - Saturday 29 August, 2015

The many downsides to being extremely intelligent

Being smart is not always all that it’s cracked up to be it seems.

Tanorexia: Some people steal money from their parents to go ‘indoor tanning’

It’s still a problem, despite new rules for sunbeds.

Residents in this Dublin complex are currently on their EIGHTH day with next to no water

The residents of Dublin’s Bertram Court, near Christchurch, have been struggling with their water supply since last week.

Living - Friday 28 August, 2015

Why did the BBC show people skinning and eating squirrels in studio?

Newsnight took a step into slightly more left-field territory last night.

Glastonbury’s left-behind wellies are being donated to the migrants in Calais

“The migrants in Calais are living in desperate conditions and we’re very pleased to be able to help support their basic humanitarian needs.”

Man ‘trapped in piece of furniture’ in Co Cork

The incident happened earlier this afternoon.

The appeals against the marriage referendum result are in the last chance saloon

Both parties involved have lodged an application to appeal with the Supreme Court.


Keep your wits about you – there are a LOT of counterfeit tickets to big events doing the rounds

Ticketmaster have warned music and sporting fans to be on the lookout.

Someone called Jenna Jameson has joined the cast of Celebrity Big Brother *

And the male world is at pains to point out they have no idea who she is (* she’s a well known porn star).

Living - Thursday 27 August, 2015

What will become of the Aran Islands now that their airplane service is gone?

A new tender for the commuter service to the islands has been given to a Galway helicopter firm at the expense of Aer Arann Islands, the holder of the tender for the last 45 years.

Stop the lights – are we in for an Indian summer?

Fingers, toes, everything crossed… but to be honest it sounds like it depends upon your definition of ‘Indian Summer’.

From Business ETC This startup founded by Irish guys is about to be HUGE… and they found a pretty unique way to tell people Future's Bright

This startup founded by Irish guys is about to be HUGE… and they found a pretty unique way to tell people

Intercom, the “Whatsapp of customer service”, have announced a huge funding and jobs coup… with a cartoon.

Living - Wednesday 26 August, 2015

This dietician says gluten is good for you and here’s why

Cutting out gluten healthily can be tricky as you need to replace it with other foods that are more expensive and not as tasty, writes Fiachrá Duffy.

Family hail chauffeur killed in Shoreham air disaster as “hero” who saved their lives

Maurice Abrahams allowed Michael Sturgess to move in front of him in traffic immediately before the fatal accident occurred.

Waterford husband dies just hours after his wife after 59 years of marriage

Waterford man Mattie Stafford died “of a broken heart” on Tuesday, just hours following his wife Bridie’s passing.

Care home refused to call fire brigade following alarm as it would have cost too much

The Richmond House care home in Monkstown, south Dublin, was found to be negligent in several ways following a HIQA inspection in June.

Watch: Stunning footage of a very close-up dolphin encounter off Malin Head

A Donegal photographer captured the amazing experience.

Where do you pay €1,000 a night for lumpy Weetabix and white toast? An Irish hospital

Aine Bonner describes how she lived on Tesco meals while caring for her one-year-old daughter in CUH.

Living - Tuesday 25 August, 2015

This model is going viral for highlighting fashion’s mind-boggling body standards

She’s technically underweight, but can’t get work.

Living - Monday 24 August, 2015

Why should part-time students have to pay fees that full-timers do not?

Nearly 25,000 part-time college students are currently paying fees full-time students are exempt from. It isn’t fair and it doesn’t make any sense says Mary Daly.

Living - Sunday 23 August, 2015

Chimney sweep? It’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it…

For the latest in our Odd Jobs series we talked to chimney sweep Karl Walsh of

Equality for women? It won’t happen with the Irish childcare system in its current state…

It’s time the government made some tough budget choices to ease the financial burden of childcare on mothers for once and for all argues Orla O’Connor.

Here’s what your favourite foods look like sliced directly down the middle Yum

Here’s what your favourite foods look like sliced directly down the middle

The images weren’t easy to create.

Ongoing legality of wild hare coursing sums up this government’s contempt for our natural heritage

The singular beauty of Ireland’s natural resources is as important as anything else this country has to offer, argues bird expert Eric Dempsey.

Living - Saturday 22 August, 2015

“Working with Johnny could be a stomach churning, white-knuckle ride. But he had a gaffer’s talent”

98FM’s Stephen Doyle pays tribute to his friend, colleague and “one-off radio broadcaster” Johnny Lyons.

Grow your own divine tomatoes at home and leave the consumer-bred blandness of the supermarket variety behind

Tips on how to make your own mildew spray, celeriac, and a home-made winter tonic, with GIY’s Michael Kelly.

Ginger people don’t need your sympathy, we’re doing just fine thanks

There’s a ginger convention on this weekend, and far from settling scores it’s going to be a giant party writes Paul Hosford.

Check out these classic Ferraris that sold for millions at auction

Not the worst looking cars in the world.

Unless you can magic up a few houses, welfare recipients will need to move away from Dublin

It’s an unpalatable solution politically, but the truth is workers and students need to be in a place while those in receipt of welfare cannot make the same claim.

Living - Friday 21 August, 2015

The LGBT community’s quest for respectability in Ireland is leaving so many trans activists behind

Pride and LGBTQ movements are being ruined by a descent into conformity and a fear of all things political, argues Leighanna Rose Walsh.

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