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Dublin: 16 °C Thursday 2 July, 2015

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Living - Yesterday’s News

It’s change of mind time for the CAO – but do students really know what they’re getting into?

What makes one student successful when another fails? In answering this question, we’re not using one valuable resource: data.

Today, Ryanair have been mostly battling strikes in France, and suffering them in Denmark

The airline has launched an online petition against French air traffic control strikes, while the Danish Labour Court has ruled that unions can now strike against them.

Open thread: What’s your tip for the best BBQ ever?

We need your advice – and recipes.

As you tuck into breakfast, here’s what the rich and famous eat every morning

It’s not ALL healthy goodness, but most of it is.

Living - Tuesday 30 June, 2015

Here’s What Happened Today: Tuesday

Featuring Greece to miss debt payment deadline tonight, Dublin’s maternity hospitals to relocate, and Tunisian victims to finally return home.

The Naas house-repossession story has taken an interesting twist…

And it doesn’t sound like it’s good news for the bank. A High Court judge has given Leeds Building Society until 28 July to prove they are ‘genuinely interested’ in a resolution.

Prosecco flavoured crisps? Yep, they’re on the way

Sure why wouldn’t they be says you.

The food sector wants to sell us more for greater profits – but we need to consume less

For the first time in human history our biggest killers are not pathogens, at least in the Western world, but illnesses created by poor diet and the drive to consume more calories.

Dublin’s three maternity hospitals are being moved to pastures new

Planning permission for three new sites at major adult teaching hospitals will be submitted in the next 18 months.

How urban flower power can be used to fight the march of property developers

In Berlin, this is exactly what’s happening.

From Business ETC Do you hang out with co-workers outside work? Irish people do it much more than most Internal Affairs This post contains a poll

Do you hang out with co-workers outside work? Irish people do it much more than most

They’re unsure whether it’s worthwhile though

Living - Monday 29 June, 2015

Is Ireland a ‘genuinely filthy nation’?

We’re fond of saying that, when the sun shines, there is nowhere in the world more beautiful than Ireland… But what about our growing litter problem?

“There is a real thirst for revenge” – Muslim cleric on Tunisia terrorist attack

Muslim activist Anjem Choudary has said that the presence of Western civilians in Muslim countries is creating instability.

A care home for those with intellectual disabilities has been de-registered following an inspection

The unit at St Patricks, Kilkenny, which houses 28 people, has been de-registered for up to 28 days over a number of concerns.

Living - Sunday 28 June, 2015

Emigration and Ireland: The evolution of how we say goodbye

The folklore of the emigrant – from Paddy’s Green Shamrock Shore to The Fairytale of New York.

From Business ETC Meet the man who helped spark the craft-beer revolution Boston Lager

Meet the man who helped spark the craft-beer revolution

Jim Koch is the man behind Samuel Adams Boston Lager.

A fascinating – and often hilarious – translation of Irish words and phrases

‘Irish Illusions – A Working Glossary’ was written by David E. Tatham of the British Embassy in Dublin during the early 1980s.

A bank tried to evict a hospitalised mother and her daughter this week

Kate Scully Owens was seriously injured in a car accident two weeks ago.

Living - Saturday 27 June, 2015

There’s no two ways about it. The ending of a friendship sucks.

Whether it’s ending a romantic or a platonic relationship, breaking up is very, very hard to do.

For all its technological wizardry, there is a terrifying blandness about modern food

The veggie patch is a place where, thankfully, the seasons still hold sway in all their riotous glory.

Living - Friday 26 June, 2015

An Irish woman is among the dead in the Tunisian resort terror attack

At least 39 people have died, with 36 injured. One gunman is reported to have been killed while a second remains at large.

Are you heading for burnout in work?

Life is not and should not be an endurance test; nor should your job.

Break out the shades – next week looks like it could be a scorcher…

It won’t be quite a heat wave, but it won’t be far off it either.

Poll: Is banning swearing in public a step too far? Your Say This post contains a poll

Poll: Is banning swearing in public a step too far?

Waterford City Council has brought in a ban on swearing in public places, but many locals aren’t happy about it.

Living - Thursday 25 June, 2015

Trailer Watch: Which movie should you go see this weekend? Cinema This post contains a poll

Trailer Watch: Which movie should you go see this weekend?

What’s a must-watch, and what’s a miss? We tell you.

Dublin Bay is now a UNESCO reserve alongside some of the most beautiful places on Earth

The bay is now a UNESCO Biosphere reserves.

Today, our Government will condemn thousands of children to even deeper levels of poverty

Today is the last day of the One-Parent Family Payment for anyone whose youngest child is aged seven. Approximately 11,000 families will immediately lose income.

Living - Wednesday 24 June, 2015

From Business ETC Have a favourite retail park? It might be up for sale today… On The Market

Have a favourite retail park? It might be up for sale today…

There’s a portfolio of five such Irish parks hitting the market today for €162 million, together with an exclusive Spencer Dock office block in Dublin.

Living - Tuesday 23 June, 2015

Well that’s new – women are livetweeting their periods…

Of course they are. It’s all in aid of ‘normalising’ the experience.

The HSE divulged salary details of one of their employees to a person ‘who asked for them’

There was a nearly 50% jump in data breaches notified to the data protection commissioner Helen Dixon in 2014.

Base jumpers convicted after this terrifying night-time jump from World Trade Center Freedom Tower This post contains videos

Living - Monday 22 June, 2015

‘Remove Cat Before Flight’ is the one video you need to see today

This cat is a hero. No question.

‘He ought never to have been ordained’ – Fr Brendan Smyth’s order

The north’s historical abuse inquiry is to concentrate on the crimes of the notorious paedophile priest all this week.

Johnny Depp’s private French village complete with chapel and skate park is up for sale

More than 12 buildings as well as works of art are all part of the sale.

When I left Ireland, I thought I wouldn’t be gone long. But emigration sneaks up on you.

After spending the best part of a decade in Australia, I decided to give Ireland another go. I soon realised I hardly knew anyone. My social cohort had simply disappeared.

Do the GPs objecting to free care for the under-sixes have a point? Your Say This post contains a poll

Do the GPs objecting to free care for the under-sixes have a point?

The Minister for Health is delighted that 40,000 children are now registered for free medical care, but Irish doctors are not so impressed.

Living - Sunday 21 June, 2015

Think you’re too ‘time poor’ to grow your own food? Think again…

It’s what we choose to do with our time that really counts.

It’s a jungle out there – how do you date successfully in modern Ireland?

The rules of engagement for dating, both in Ireland and around the world, have changed.

Living - Saturday 20 June, 2015

Here’s how long it really takes to get out of shape

An expert gives the lowdown.

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